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To extend the "bed time"? 6 things, men should remember!

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Most men will suffer because of early sexual ejaculation, now the pressure of life is getting bigger and bigger, the physical quality will also get worse and worse, in the sex life time will be greatly shortened, which will affect the relationship between husband and wife, in fact,best app controlled sex toy as long as the mastery of the tips can prolong the sex life.

What are the tips to extend the sex life?

1, control excitability

The complete management of the sexual response process can be divided into the excitement period, climax period and economic recession, if you want to let the penis in a firm state, you should carry out a comprehensive understanding of the emotional needs of the sexual process fluctuations, can not let the sexual central nervous system is overly in a state of euphoria, otherwise it will let the ejaculation in advance.best app controlled sex toy

2, to adjust the breathing

When you are close to orgasm, you should be able to breathe slowly and deeply.best app controlled sex toy This will reduce your sexual arousal and prevent rapid ejaculation, as long as you stick to this method for a long time you will be able to extend the time for more than 2-3 minutes.

3, Reduce sensitivity to the penis.

Choose a high-quality, thick condom for sex, because a slightly thicker condom can reduce the sensitivity of the penis.best app controlled sex toy You can also choose a special cream to reduce sensitivity under the guidance of your doctor, which can numb the penis and prolong the time of erection.

4,Do related exercises

Sex will use the muscles of the buttocks, thighs, arms and other parts of the body.best app controlled sex toy Normally, you can do more pelvic floor muscle exercise to contract the buttocks. Try to relax as much as possible after doing it, and repeat a few times.

5, press on the urethra

Found their sex life when the body appears too rapid reaction, should be with the hand to press the penis below, so that we can bring economic pressure to the urethral tissue, in the back of the penis just have small pipe, alleviate the penis in obvious congestion as well as the state, as well as the desire to ejaculate quickly.

6, cool the scrotum with cold water

Before sex should be in the scrotum coated with cold water, can produce a contraction response, but can not be coated on the penis, can improve the duration of men and the hardness of the penis. In addition, sex life can be prolonged by interrupting sex life.

Through the above methods will be able to improve male sexual ability, prolong the duration of sexual life, in life may wish to try more, in addition should eat more food with tonic kidney and aphrodisiac, such as loach or animal liver, etc., can not blindly choose drugs, otherwise it will give the body to bring about counterproductive effects, appropriate exercise to improve the quality of the body.