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Which type of air purifier is recommended to be better?

Which type of air purifier is recommended to be better?

Hong Kong is a densely populated city with high levels of air pollution, which makes it easy to develop allergic rhinitis or other respiratory illnesses when living here for a long period of time. In recent years, people have started to pay attention to air quality, and many related products have appeared in the market, such as air purifiers, which can help purify indoor air from bacteria and bring better air quality. However, how to buy an air purifier? Do you know which type of air purifier is better?

What is the recommended price for an air purifier?

There are many brands of air purifiers on the market with different performance, and there are also different types of air purifiers, so there is a wide range of prices. What is the best price range for consumers? Recommended price of air purifier varies from person to person, mainly depends on the consumer's budget, usually low-priced products with general performance, but it does not mean that the higher the price is the better, it is recommended to follow the principle of adequacy, and choose products close to the budget price can be.

What type of air purifier is recommended

What type of air purifier recommended depends on the needs of personal use, industry experts like to recommend HEPA filter style, this product is specifically designed for dust, mold spores and other fine particles, purification performance is outstanding, but the drawback is that it is unable to filter odors, and can not be washed. Secondly, there are negative ions, ultraviolet rays, activated carbon filters and other types on the market, air purifier recommended what type of consumer habits, as well as the use of the scene to decide, for example, activated carbon filter style can adsorb odors and organic compounds, but the filter can not isolate the dust.

Recommended brands of air purifiers

In fact, the Hong Kong Consumer Council regularly recommends air purifiers, so that consumers can learn more about the performance characteristics of the product as well as the price, and then make a side-by-side comparison. Hong Kong's living environment is relatively narrow, some buildings are relatively short distance between buildings, coupled with the fact that some households do not like to open the windows to ventilate the air, a superior performance of the air purifier is very important.