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Summer skin care cleaning this step should be done


In addition to sun protection, skin cleaning should also be on the agenda, good skin cleaning work is the most important step in skin care. Especially in the summer skin care steps, the skin clean, to allow the subsequent maintenance products to be better absorbed. The summer cleaning how to do it in place? The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on this.

Makeup removal: a refreshing and hydrating bottle to remove all makeup


A beautiful makeup can add points to our face, but if the makeup is not thoroughly removed and there is residue, it can do no good! Sanko Silk Clear Makeup Remover Oil has excellent cleansing power, not only can it be used with wet hands to completely remove stubborn waterproof makeup, but also can purify skin dullness, drive away blackheads, pimples, old keratin, all at once! Its special rice germ oil makes the skin less susceptible to oxidation, and it cleanses the skin to reveal glowing naked skin.

Nighttime cleansing: cleanse and moisturize at the same time


Sanko Silk Moisturizing Foam Cleanser has a dense silk protein foam that is smaller than the pores and can cleanse the pores of dirt, with its special silk protein moisturizing essence and double hyaluronic acid, which can retain the original hydration of the skin, leaving the skin hydrated while the pores breathe.

Morning cleansing: dense foam at the press of a button

What is the most important thing about morning cleansing? Fast! Time is precious in the morning! Sanko silk moisturizing cleansing foam is very suitable for morning cleansing, fine and elastic micro-dense silk foam a press that comes out, easy to wash the face skin dirt and excess oil, but also to keep the skin hydrated, open a good mood in the morning ~.

Summer cleaning is actually not difficult, hurry home to do up, hydrated Q good skin immediately get!