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What is the Internet of Things? Three minutes to the Internet of Things!

What is the Internet of Things? Three minutes to the Internet of Things!

The year of the Internet of Things has seen a lot of hype about the concept of IoT. Many people have heard of the technical term IoT, but still don't know much about it. But because of its hotness, it has given many scammers the opportunity to take advantage of it and cheat a lot of people and make a lot of money. So what exactly is the Internet of Things? The first thing you should know is that the definition of the Internet of Things can be simply understood as connecting things that were not previously connected to the Internet wireless module. In fact, it starts with the Internet. The so-called Internet is what we know around us, such as computers, cell phones, routers at home. It is because these things enable us to communicate, such as QQ video, WeChat, email. All these are through 2G networks, 3G, 4G, and Ethernet (the Internet that we usually use).

In the last decade, we have witnessed various devices connected together through the network, various sensors various sensors, thermometers, traffic, speed sensors and data transmission. It will happen soon, maybe it has already happened, that is, there will be more things than people on the Internet and the concept of the Internet of Things will really come true.

The original concept of the Internet of Things was proposed in the United States to connect all objects through an Internet of Things domain name for information exchange and communication, enabling intelligent identification, positioning, tracking and other network concepts. Of course, the official definition of the Internet of Things is based on the Internet, so that non-communicable objects communicate with objects, resulting in a process called the Internet of Things.

Internet of things, everything is connected, so how does IoT make the uncommunicable objects and objects communicate with each other?

Communication devices are involved here, just like we talk between people through cell phones, objects have to communicate with each other through the following devices. Its name is called wireless digital transmission terminal, or DTU English full name (DataTransferunit)

So what does the Internet of Things have to do with us? How does the formation of IoT change our world?

Let's imagine a scenario.

I wake up in the morning and the alarm goes off at the right time. As the alarm learns, through my memo, what time all my trips are for the day, and then it follows through.

Which train and plane should I take? What time should I get up? The bathroom heater heats up a half hour before I get up to make the bathroom warm and comfortable. The TV will turn on the show I want to watch earlier in the evening when I'm almost home.

Real smart devices should know more about themselves than we do, because these devices have collected enough data to analyze users' wishes and at least understand their habits, so they can take the initiative to provide the services they want.

Take the bicycle sharing that has caught fire in the past two years as an example, convenient travel makes people happy, and messy parking also makes people suffer. Even though the government has introduced many relevant policies, they have not been effectively solved.

However, the smart locks used in mobile travel are the ideal solution. With the national slogan of advocating green travel, the development of bike-sharing continues to move forward. Currently, the adoption of doors on electric cars and high-end bicycles is becoming more and more widespread.

The Internet of Things has reached a certain stage of development, where household appliances can be connected to external networks to convey signals from appliances through sensors. The development of IoT will inevitably lead to the development of sensors, and when sensors develop to a certain level, perhaps Transformers will appear in front of us. This is not surprising.

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How should a wifi module be installed?

Install the wi-fi module as directed by placing the pcb on a surface that prevents electrostatic discharge.

A wireless module is what?

The IoT module, also known as a "wireless module," "rf module," or "IoT chip," has the same data circuits and technologies as a mobile phone but lacks features like a display and keypad. The fact that IoT modules offer always-on connectivity is another important point of differentiation.

A cellular module is what?

Devices called cellular modules enable machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity via a range of communication networks. Cellular modules can be put in a wide range of devices, including phones, automobiles, eBook readers, and vending machines.

WiFi is wireless, right?

Computers, tablets, cellphones, and other devices can all be connected to the internet using Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi is a radio signal that is transmitted from a wireless router to a device nearby and converted into data you can see and use.

What do wireless components consist of?

To create new wireless networks or upgrade current wireless networks' equipment, wireless network components are employed. A wireless access point that is connected to an already-existing Internet connection makes up a wireless network and enables several devices to communicate with one another.