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How do I apply for a work visa under the Hong Kong Professionals Scheme? What are the requirements for hiring a company in Hong

Hong Kong Talents

Due to the popularity of the Hong Kong Talents Scheme and the Hong Kong Preferred Talents Scheme with Mainland residents, the Hong Kong Professionals Scheme seems to be overlooked. In fact, the Hong Kong Professionals Scheme is quietly doing great things! According to figures recently released by the Hong Kong Labour and Welfare Bureau, as of the end of June this year, Hong Kong has received over 100,000 applications under the six categories of the Admission of Talents Scheme (ATS), of which 61,000 have been successfully approved to obtain Hong Kong status. Among them, 22,200 applications were received under the Hong Kong Professionals Scheme and over 19,000 people were approved.

From this data analysis, it can be seen directly that the approval rate of the Hong Kong Professionals is still a very high one.

What about the Hong Kong Talents Scheme? What are the requirements? What are the requirements of Hong Kong employers? The focus of this article is.


What is the Hong Kong Professionals Scheme?

The Admission of Mainland Talents and Professionals Scheme (AMTS), referred to as the "Specialized Talents Scheme", allows Hong Kong residents with special skills, knowledge or experience needed but lacking in the mainland China SAR to apply to work in Hong Kong.

The Admission of Mainland Talents and Professionals Scheme has no quota and is not restricted by industry. In recent years, more than 10,000 professionals have come to work in Hong Kong each year. Under the Talents and Professionals Scheme, you may also apply for a Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card (HKPIC) after having resided in Hong Kong continuously for seven years. These mainland talents must possess special skills, knowledge or experience that are required but lacking in HKSAR.

Eligibility Criteria for the Hong Kong Professionals Scheme.

Academic qualifications: Bachelor's Degree/Professional Teaching Certificate (Post-secondary education or good professional and technical qualifications are accepted under the special education system)

Personality: No criminal record and no adverse immigration record

Position: Have been hired by a Hong Kong company for a position related to their education or experience.

Hong Kong's talent policy has been adjusted this year. If you meet the requirements of the Hong Kong Talent List, or the annual salary of the recruitment position is more than HK$2 million, then you do not need to prove the vacancy and apply directly, the approval will be faster.


Requirements for Professionals in Hong Kong Employment Companies

In terms of employment relationship, Hong Kong companies employing a company have higher requirements on the qualification and experience of the professional related persons.

Any Hong Kong Employment Company wishing to recruit international professionals through the Hong Kong Talents and Professionals Scheme must.

1. The company must be registered in Hong Kong, have been established for at least one year, have a fixed office space, have 3 or more local employees and have paid MPF for at least half a year;

2. The company must demonstrate that the position cannot be filled locally and needs to be filled through international recruitment.

3. the company must apply for a permit from the Hong Kong Labor Department before the recruitment process begins.

In addition, the Hong Kong Employment Agency in the recruitment of management professionals and technical personnel also need us to provide more detailed work to carry out the description and contract terms, to protect the rights and interests of both sides of the student fair and reasonable.

Renewal of Hong Kong professionals:

Renewal of specialists is usually approved in the form of "332" or the duration of their employment contracts, whichever is shorter (35 for top talents).

However, it is important to note that if you are not working at the time of renewal, you will not be able to renew your visa.

In short, through the Hong Kong professionals to settle in Hong Kong, not only requires the applicant itself is excellent, but also need to Hong Kong local enterprises just right,working visa hong kong so the difficulty is not small, need to have a professional customized team to do the race.


Applicable persons of Hong Kong professionals

(1) Working in Hong Kong

Professionals who have been employed by local companies in Hong Kong, China to work in the Hong Kong community.

(2) Going to Hong Kong to start a business

A mainlander to manage a Hong Kong company.

(3) Working resources

A relative or friend who has opened a company in Hong Kong to assist professionals.


Advantages of Hong Kong Professionals Scheme

Family Position: Spouse and children under 18 years old can apply for the same Hong Kong status benefits together; and

Short approval cycle: The average review cycle is only 3-6 months, the fastest approval is 7 days;

High approval rate: 80% official approval rate.

No interview: no need to go to Hong Kong for interview, directly approved and get the visa;

No quota restriction: no upper limit on the number of approved quota.

No industry restrictions: all industries can apply through the program;

Low application threshold: no need to make an investment and start with a college degree or above in education;

Hong Kong Identity Card Benefits: Hong Kong professionals can apply for Hong Kong Identity Card upon approval, enjoy Hong Kong Identity Card benefits and apply for Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card after 7 years.

The Hong Kong Professionals Scheme facilitates the entry of mainland talents to work in Hong Kong, but it also has higher requirements for applicants and employers. If you want to apply for the Hong Kong Professionals Scheme, you need to meet certain professional skills and salary standards, and you need to choose an employment company.