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What are the advantages of international air logistics? How to charge?

What are the advantages of international air logistics? How to charge?

International air Express is a kind of air cargo service. cargo booking Airlines, airports and other business departments or air transport agencies are specialized in the fastest transport and delivery of goods between shippers, airports and users of the service business.

International air express takes the way of express customs declaration, air freight. container shipping rates The main types include:

1. business development express: UPS express, TNT Express, DHL Express, FEDEX Express, collectively referred to as China's four major international express;

2. International postal express: such as China EMS, Singapore EMS, Hong Kong EMS and so on.

3. Special line express: transported to foreign countries by air cabin, and delivered to the destination country by cooperating companies. For example: China-Russia special line, European special line, Sino-US special line and so on.

Advantages of international air express

1. Soon. General intercontinental express only takes 1-5 days, only 1-3 days within the region. Whether it is traditional air freight or postal transportation, it is difficult to achieve this transmission speed.

2, high security. Because in the form of international air express, the express delivery is completed within the same company from beginning to end, the operating procedures and service standards of all branches are the same, and the information exchange within the same company is more convenient, and the protection of high value and fragile items for customers will be more appropriate, so the safety and reliability of transportation is better.

3. More convenient. To be exact, international air express involves more than one Chinese air transportation as a form of transportation management, it is more like land and air transport, the service extends from the airport to the customer's receiving place, and can truly achieve door-to-door service, which is convenient for customers. freight booking In addition, International Air Express Co., Ltd. provides more simple and convenient online banking services for customer information. After the goods are sent, customers can check the whole logistics system dynamics through the official website at any time.

International air express billing standards

In international air express, due to the limited space, the same space, put a large number of light goods, will certainly damage the cost, so in accordance with international standards, express weight is divided into actual weight and volume weight.

After the packing work is completed, measure the length, width and height of a carton (or wooden box) and weigh it. In air express delivery, most of the enterprise channel management fee technical standards are in the actual development of weight and volume unit weight to take the maximum charge, volume weight (kg) calculation model formula: the length, width and height of the outer package (cm) /5000.

For example, the carton size is long (50 cm), wide (40 cm), high (60 cm), and the volume weight calculated according to the carton size is: 50 cm x40 cm x60 cm 5000 = 24(kg/volume weight). If the actual weight of the carton is 20 kg, the packing weight is 24 kg (volume weight); If the actual weight of the carton is 28 kg, the packing weight is 28 kg (actual weight).

International air express shipping instructions

The goods in international air express are generally divided into the following three categories: general goods, sensitive goods and contraband. General goods are an ordinary goods, contraband is prohibited by law, and sensitive goods can be said to be a kind of goods between ordinary goods and prohibited goods.

1. As the name implies, ordinary goods are ordinary goods. They are common and pose no security risk. They also don't have brand logos or internationally famous cartoon images, and items that don't contain sensitive or contraband are common. General goods can be exported normally.

General goods include: textiles, fibers and their products; Various small household appliances, machinery, instruments and accessories; Cookware, books and other publications.

Sensitive goods, which fall between general goods and contraband, may involve some loosely regulated contraband. In general, the export of sensitive goods is restricted, and the official channels of air transport and international express delivery do not undertake the transport of sensitive goods.

Common sensitive goods include:

(1) "charging" (including batteries) goods (e.g. electrical equipment may contain batteries; Electric equipment, such as lawn mowers, golf carts, wheelchairs, etc. May contain batteries);

(2) magnetic products (such as speakers, microphones, speakers, headphones, motors, motors);

(3) powders, pastes, liquids and gases;

(4) Cosmetics, food, medicines, beverages (tea, wine, etc.);

3. Contraband

Contraband, that is, international air express cannot send goods. It's illegal to export this stuff. It's forbidden to mail contraband.

(1) Explosive, inflammable, corrosive, toxic, strong acid and alkali and radioactive dangerous goods.

(2) Opium, morphine, cocaine and other narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances; Weapons, domestic currency, foreign currency and other articles prohibited by state law from circulation or delivery; .

(3) perishable items, various live animals (such as fresh fish, fresh meat, etc.).

(4) Bones (including bones that have been burned), skins that have not been nitrated, animal bones that have not been treated with drugs and other articles that are harmful to public health.

(5) reactionary newspapers, books, information or obscene materials.

Some of the items listed above or items of the above nature are prohibited items, such items must not be transported by international air express companies, and transportation is illegal.