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What is a PDF document signature certificate? PDF certificate signature how to categorize?

What is a PDF document signature certificate? PDF certificate signature how to categorize?

Network under the information transfer speed is very fast, the traditional paper office in the field of practical work has been unable to keep up with the current times. Now many companies are relying on electronic documents to office, so pay special attention to the security of electronic documents.

At present, to ensure the security of employee leave, purchase orders contracts, company financial invoices, the signing of legal contracts, combine pdfs for free windows,customer relations to confirm the size of the enterprise development and other information is very important, the different departments of the enterprise have the corresponding signature requirements, if each time you need to sign to print, then this is impractical, so the PDF document signing certificate has been the concern of many people, let's look at what is a PDF document signing certificate, what is a PDF document signing certificate?

What is a PDF document signature certificate?

PDF document signature certificate management can confirm to the user research the true identity of the signatory, but also to effectively prevent the transmission of PDF documents in the process of illegal tampering. Therefore, the development makes the student signature after the PDF document has the characteristics of security, it is also a reliable, can be directly used to improve the corporate culture between the exchange of electronic documents and e-commerce contract signing.

Document Signature Certificate, which is divided into two types, one is a personal signature certificate, the other is a unit signature certificate, personal signature certificate only on behalf of the individual signing the document, the enterprise signature certificate on behalf of the organization's department of the external signature of the document, document signature certificates need to be issued by an authoritative certification body.

Document signature certificate it has the real identity of the signatory signature, with the benefits of the law, he and handwritten signatures or stamps, etc. have the same legal benefits, by the law, and the signature authority can be verified, the signature certificate is to take a high-strength security encryption, the signature is provided by a safe and reliable.

Product Categories

Institutional PDF documents for signature certificates of this type of certificate can be issued to the institution, the institution of the department or agency in the staff can be used for research institutions through the internal and external documents signed by China.

Personal PDF documents for signing certificates of this type of certificate can be issued to students personal information users, for the realization of personal document signature.

AdobeAcrobat and AdobeReader can recognize and trust PDF document signing. Organizations/departments/departments/employees/individuals can use this software to sign PDF documents. It has the function of document signature and authentication, which can clearly prove to the document recipient the true identity of the document signer, and through the authorization of a third-party certification body to review and confirm the true identity, while ensuring the integrity, authenticity and validity of the document.

With the increasing popularity of cell phones and tablet computers in recent years, paperless office will become the trend of corporate office, electronic document management and security has undoubtedly become the primary condition for corporate consideration. Digital signatures ensure that important electronic documents can be safely and completely preserved and transmitted.