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Get the most out of your corner kitchen cabinets with these storage options

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Maximizing the usable space in your kitchen by integrating storage options that don't take up much room and minimize the need for movement is an essential goal of a kitchen remodel. Accessibility should be a priority during construction as it helps to reduce work zones and increase success with cooking and socializing while working.

At Best Online Cabinets, we’ve done our research on what people are using in the kitchen: here is a list of the most popular and must-see trends in storage accessories around.

Cabinet Storage Essentials

Restrooms are out in full force in today’s kitchen remodel landscape. Having one designated region for your cleaning supplies is a huge boost to efficiency.

The most common type of wall cabinet you will find in American kitchens is the pantry cabinet accessories. Convenient storage for items such as flour, powdered sugar, and canned food allows you to stay organized while cooking and further increases your ability to enhance your culinary experience. Using this storage space allows for quick improvisation when needed, and provides a more dynamic experience around the kitchen.

With the Reucci Roll-Out Pantry, you have a closet for all of your perishables that runs on its own and takes up no real space. Its squarish design may seem strange at first, but it is sturdy and well-organized enough to store anything from utensils to plates. It also has cutsouts so you can select what limited wall space you have left over by grouping their pots and pans into one area.

With a sliding drawer tray extending out, it becomes easier to find what you need in this kitchen pantry because there's more space to accommodate large items. It's a modern solution that doesn't take up more room.

Features of pullout cabinets

Adding pullout base cabinet storage can create a 'micro pantry' with plenty of convenience for those with a smaller kitchen.

Pull out storage with the step stool

You often can only use the top portion of your pantry because of its low clearance or behind the shelves are a "no man's land" inaccessible and out of sight. Who knows what spices or kitchen supplies are hiding back there after being unfortunately nudged? With the installation of a pull out step stool, however, you unlock an additional 15 inches of height in search for what's stored away in your under-the-shelves cabinets.

Take a look at the Spice Storage Drawer Cabinet

Something that is similar to the pull out base cabinet storage but more compact is essential for most cooks. Essential spice storage in an easily slide-out drawer is a must for most cooks. Storage of your spice bottles and jars, vinegars and oils, and other bottled flavors near your stove or in an island let's you stay right in the action while adding flavor to the mix.

Best Online Cabinets has both traditional and Euro styles of cabinets that are perfect for your kitchen. An economically friendly solution, they come with option of a spice holder on the inside or outside.


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