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Is it extremely intriguing or extremely interested?

Is it extremely intriguing or extremely interested?

Keep in mind that interesting characterizes the thing that makes someone feel that way, while interested describes someone who has the want to learn more about it. Because something is interesting, you get interested in it.

What about you is a good conversation starter?

They have a lot of passion.Even the most uninteresting subject can be made interesting by a dynamic, skillful speaker. You don't need a huge repertoire of thrilling tales for any situation to be intriguing. Simply said, when they speak, they must be animated. When discussing the things you're passionate about, don't strive to seem [cool]-show your enthusiasm instead!

How can I make the conversation with my crush more captivating?

Follow the six instructions below while texting your crush:Ask them to describe themselves.Comment on something they've said in the past.Ask them how their day was or what they did today.
Send a photo of a task you are completing.
Boost charm.
Avoid texting them when they are busy to avoid repeatedly interrupting the chat.

What else might you say to imply I'm interested?

Fascinated Concerned, drawn, intrigued, involved, etc.

When a girl says WYD, what does that mean?

What (are) you doing for? 2009 saw the first definition of it on Urban Dictionary. Wyd can be a direct inquiry intended to learn what another person is actually doing. As a casual greeting, it can also be texted as What's up?

How do you respectfully finish a discussion?

62 Polite Ways to End a Conversation in Any Context
#1: Discuss upcoming plans.
#2: Come up with a strategy as a group.
3. Look off in the distance.
Use one more item, #4.
#5: Contact the host to confirm.
Sixth: Aim your toes at the entrance.
#7: Take a step back.
#8: Recall an incident.More things...

When a guy says you're intriguing, what does he mean?

He enjoys your talks with him. Your personality is pleasant (fun). He is interested in you. He is interested in learning more about you.

How do you respond while speaking to someone?

Typical Responses in an English Conversation
The word "right away" or "straightaway" denotes [Immediately].Never again! ...
I think so is same to saying "yes" when someone asks you to clarify anything.If you unwillingly agree to someone else's request, respond "I suppose so."More things...

How do you pose a flirtatious inquiry to a girl?

Questions to Ask a Girl in 75 Flirty Ways
Which physical quality do you find most alluring in a guy?Where would you like to go if I could take you out right now? ...
What do you find most attractive?Who is your favorite celebrity?What are the top three things you seek for in a guy?Have you considered kissing me at any point?
More things...

What else do you call a fun fact?

Why is this a fun fact?Did you realize?
TIL.alternative truths.Chuck Norris information.