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2024 affordable wax seal stamp heart

Superdant 1.18-inch Vintage Wax Seal Stamp with Death Day Skeleton Pattern with Detachable Brass Head and Wood Handle for Halloween Party Envelopes, Invitations, and Gifts Without Wax

Price: $9.29
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Heart Skeleton Wax Sealing Stamp: Charming and enchanted, the stamp head of this brass wax seal stamp features a heart-shaped skeleton pattern.

Ideal for Halloween or Death Day decorations.

Halloween Decorations: Sealing stamps can be used to decorate greeting cards, envelopes, packages, packages, DIY scrapbooks, parcels, and gift packaging for Halloween parties.

Wax Seal Stamp Size: The brass head, which may be replaced, has a diameter of about 30 mm, and the hardwood handle measures roughly 90 mm.

There is one hardwood handle and one brass head in the package.

It should be mentioned that wax is not included in this kit.

Material: Our Halloween-themed wax seal stamp is composed of high-grade brass that is smooth, lustrous, and long-lasting.

A neat and tidy seal stamp craft will be produced by the transparent stamp face.

Simple to Use: With a small twist of the brass head, it is simple to replace and assemble.

It may be used to freely match stamps with various patterns to produce an assortment of stamp patterns.

Halloween Seal Stamp Set - 12 pieces of 25mm Retro Removable Brass Head Sealing Wax Stamps with 2 pieces of Wood Handles for Wedding Invitations and Envelopes (Skull, Pumpkin, Bats, Ghost, Spider Web, Skeleton)

Price: $27.59

12 detachable brass stamp heads, 2 wooden handles, and 1 gift box are included in the Halloween wax seal stamp sets.

Gothic-style classic Halloween elements, such as skeleton hands, web, spider, ghost, bats, and pumpkins.

This 25mm Wax Seal Stamp has a 0.98-inch (25mm) diameter and 3.1-inch (80mm) wooden handles.

It is simple to replace and install the detachable Brass Seal Stamp Head; a small rotation is acceptable.

It can be used to attach various thread handles.

BRASS Wax Seal Stamp: The stamp's head is made of high-quality brass, which is robust, long-lasting, colorfast, smooth, and shiny.

It is also non-stick and simple to clean, leaving an elegant and clean imprint.

Many Uses: You can use Halloween sealing wax stamps to decorate and adorn envelopes, invitations, wine packages, scrapbooks, parcels, gift wrapping, and greeting cards, among other things.

50 pieces of antique gold wedding party invitation envelope seals featuring an olive branch and a heart are available at SWANGSA. Wax stickers with self-adhesion for gift wrapping, greeting cards, and invitations

Price: $12.98

There are fifty self-adhesive wax seal stickers featuring an olive branch and a heart, each with a distinct design that is both elegant and retro.

These stickers can be used for a variety of decoration purposes.

Perfect Size: The diameter of each wax seal sticker is 1.2"/3 cm, and the thickness is 0.07"/0.2 cm.

This clear pattern seal sticker is the ideal size for sealing and decorating a variety of items, including scrapbooks, crafts, letters, cards, invitations, postcards, and greeting cards.

Vintage Wax Seal: Our composite lacquer wax seal stickers are impervious to abrasion, waterproof, and perfect for sealing a variety of envelopes, cards, and gifts.

Ideal for Festivals and Any Occasion: Beautiful seal stickers made of wax work well for birthdays, weddings, baby showers, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, anniversaries, and other occasions.

Simple to Use: With their powerful self-adhesive, these wax seal stickers are easy to apply to paper, ribbon, glass, and other smooth, clean surfaces.

Just peel and stick them there.

Seal Wax Mold Heart Shape Wax Seal Stamp Envelopes Cards EXCEART 4 Pieces Round-shaped seal molds, wax seal sealing kits, and tools for creating wax seal stamp rings Metal Four Leaf

Price: $10.29

Cardboard envelopes with a wax seal are strong, long-lasting, easy to release, and clean.

Heart-shaped wax seal stamp: This DIY tool's weight helps maintain the stamp's level surface and is easy to use.

By hand: place the metal directly onto the card or envelope, fill it with melted wax, seal it, allow it to cool for a short while, and repeat.

DIY molds that are easy to make: The ideal wax sealing mold increases the enjoyment of doing it yourself while simplifying and maximizing convenience of sealing wax.

Handmade wax seal mold: This mold makes a great gift for friends who enjoy do-it-yourself projects.

Paw Print on Heart Wax Seal Stamp, 1" in Diameter, by Seasons Creations

Beautiful for adorning invitations, cards, bottles, scrolls, or envelopes; add a creative touch with a wax seal!

Paw Print on Heart quarter-sized, one-inch-round design impression Brass design impression area with a hardwood handle that is 3.5" tall and detachable from the design die Fits all varieties of sealing wax!

Wedding Invitations - 4 Pieces Seal Wax Mold Wax Seal Moulds Metal Crafts Round Wine Packaging Wax Seal Heart-Shaped Wax Seal Stamp Golden Wax Seal Mold Wax Seal Kit

Price: $10.99

Wax seal mold envelope: This DIY tool's weight keeps the stamp's surface level and makes it simple to use.

Metal wax seal molds for sealing wax and geometric round flower molds for do-it-yourself projects invites with gift wrapping sealing presents wine-packaging You can adorn envelopes, greeting cards, party invites, and more with the wax seal stamp.

Craft stamp molds: this beautiful form design gives this wax seal mold extra creativity and individuality, making it ideal for decorating wedding invitations.

Metal wax seal kit: simple to release, robust, long-lasting, and clean-up-easy.

A natural and romantic ambiance can be added to your handicraft with the help of this magnificent yet simple golden wax seal mold.

Wedding Invitations, Envelopes, Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Gift Packing, CRASPIRE Heart Wax Seal Stamp Crystal Vintage Sealing Wax Stamps, 30mm Retro Wood Stamp Removable Brass Head

Price: $8.98

30mm Wax Seal Stamp: Comes with 1 wooden handle and 1 brass stamp head measuring 3 cm/1.18 inch for a heart wax seal.

(Wax not included) Crystal Wax Seal Stamp: Excellent stamps with a crisp, clear image that beautifully captures the fine details.

They are made of high quality materials.

Heart Sealing Wax Stamps: Easily cleaned, long-lasting, reusable, and made of brass and wood for a solid, colorfast, smooth, and shiny imprint.

Wax Seal Stamp Brass Head Replacement: Just the sealing stamp heads need to be changed or installed, and a small rotation of the brass head is acceptable.

Every seal stamp head in our store is compatible with the handle.

Numerous Uses: Sealing wax stamp heads can be used to decorate and adorn envelopes, invitations, wine packages, scrapbooks, parcels, gift wrapping, and greeting cards, among other things.

An original present for graduation, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Anniversary, Easter, Teacher's Day, Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and theme parties.

Black Obsidian Crystal Hexagon Prism Wax Seal Stamp, Tree of Life Love Heart Shaped Pattern, Detachable Vintage Copper Seals for Christmas Thanksgiving Gifts, Invitation Cards

Price: $26.99

Brass seal stamp head and black obsidian crystal hilt are the two parts of the detachable stamp head.

The seal stamp head can be changed to any desired one as long as it fits the screw size.

Hexagonal prism is how we envisioned the unique black obsidian crystal haft.

It is more comfortable to hold and adds a lovely touch of decoration to your desk and house.

It can also be used as a therapeutic yoga meditation tool in addition to being a stamp made of wax seal.

Many Uses: Make use of your enormous scrapbook and envelopes or letter logo.

You can use it as a distinctive wax seal to adorn wine bottles, wrap presents, or create invitations for special occasions like weddings and birthdays.

Simply use your creativity to create it by matching various wax colors.

An Elegant Present to Gather: Arrive in a black gift box, so no additional pack needs to be ready.

Give a friend or member of your family who enjoys scrapbooking this wax seal stamp.

Additionally, it makes a thoughtful gift for friends or lovers on Valentine's Day, Christmas, or Thanksgiving.

Dimensions: The length of a black obsidian crystal is approximately 2.76-3.15 inches, its diagonal width is approximately 1.06-1.18 inches, and its thickness is approximately 0.91-1.06 inches.

About 0.28 inches long and 0.31 inches wide is the screw on the bottom of the crystal.

The dimensions of the wax seal stamp are roughly 1.18 inches wide by 0.59 inches tall, with a 0.31-inch-wide screw hole.

Approximately 0.23–0.31 pounds is the total weight of the crystal wax seal stamp.

CRASPIRE Bird Wax Seal Stamp Head, Animal Replacement Sealing Brass Stamp Head, Bird Cage, for Envelope Invitation Embellishment Package for Wedding Wine Scrapbooks Party Greeting Cards Parcel Gifts

Price: $7.09

The dimensions of the wax seal stamp are approximately 25x14 mm, and the inner diameter of the thread is around 7 mm or 0.28 in.

Contains: package One brass Wax Seal Stamp head.

✪MAKE YOUR CRAFT BEAUTIFUL: Perfectly crafted pattern, imprint it with hot wax onto envelope paper, and don't forget to add some lovely dried flowers for a truly distinctive and literary touch.

✪EXCELLENT MATERIAL: A beautiful and clean impression is left by the smooth, shining, non-stick, and easily clean brass sealing stamps.

✪EASY TO CHANGE AND INSTALL: This is simple to install; rotating the brass head a little bit is acceptable.

It is compatible with a wide variety of 25mm stamps with a variety of patterns, allowing you to create a wide range of stamps.

✪VARIOUS USES: Sealing stamps can be used to adorn and decorate envelopes, invitations, wine packages, gift packaging, scrapbooks, parcels, and greeting cards, among other items.

Ideal as a present for friends or family, these invites are wonderful.

A set of six sealing wax stamps with a wooden handle and gift box for use on wedding invitations, cards, envelopes, and gift wrap.

Price: $10.99

【Premium Material】Brass, which has a long service life and is wear-resistant, is used to make the stamp.

The premium wood material used to make the handle of the wax seal stamp set is incredibly strong and long-lasting.

Gift Box Dimensions: 4.56*3.85*1.53" (L*W*H); Sealing Copper Stamp Diameter: 2.5 cm (about 1 inch); Sealing Copper Stamp Total Length: 9.0 cm (3.54 inches).

Six Patterns: Insect*1, Tree of Life*1, Fur*1, Compass*1, Heart*1, Love*1.

【Design】The ergonomically designed handle is incredibly lightweight and user-friendly.

Installing and replacing the detachable seal is quite simple.

Using the wax seal stamps will enable you to create more original invitations and envelopes.

【Universal Usage】 It can be used on a variety of materials, including wood, plastic, glass, scrapbooks, cards, and gift packaging.

Moreover, it works wonderfully well for creating festive gifts for Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Christmas, birthdays, and festival days.

It works well for embellishing bottles of wine and perfume, gift packages, and more.

【High Function & High Security】Avoid accessing sensitive files and personal data covertly.

A wax seal stamp is a great option for decorating and adorning envelopes, stationery, crafts, gifts, wine packaging, invitations, weddings, and everyday items.

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