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Bioadaptive Botanicals - Your Everyday Skincare | NU SKIN

Bioadaptive Botanicals - Your Everyday Skincare | NU SKIN

Bioadaptive Botanicals – The Perfect Skin Care of Modern Time

The Bioadaptive botanical, featured by Nutricentials, is a skincare method to face the skin hazards of the modern age. These botanical ingredients protect your skin in harsh environments.

Modern problems require modern solutions. With the touch of technology and the digital lifestyle, our skins are facing more hazards and messes than ever before. There are a number of ways how your skin can get gloomy or have other issues nowadays. And the reasons for these issues have arisen in recent years.

By staying awake late at night, commuting in the traffic, or being exposed to blue lights, our skins are getting dull. That is where Bioadaptive botanical comes to help. Nutricentials researched thoroughly about various modern natural conditions that affect your skin and found solutions for them.

Late Night Awake – What Do Your Skin Need?

Research shows that in recent times, people are getting more hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tones, or wrinkles than ever. Apparently, millennials and Gen-Z are facing this problem more. The reason behind this is to stay awake late at night. But that doesn’t mean you have to stop using your mobile before sleeping. Using our bioadaptive botanical solutions, you can get rid of all the mentioned issues pretty easily. Our treatment helps you tackle the blue lights and other harmful rays from digital devices.

We Care for Nature Too

All our skincare materials are botanic ingredients that specialize in surviving in challenging weather. It also means that all our products are completely environmentally friendly. Nu uses several methods in different skin problems, and all of them are thoroughly analyzed. Our bioadaptive botanical will treat, care, hydrate, and clean your skin, returning its former glory.

That is not the end, but the packaging system of ours is eco-friendly too. Any bottle, tube, or jar we use is mostly recycled from post-consumer materials. It is our part to care for the planet as well as your skin.

Our Ingredients

As mentioned, our botanical ingredients will aid your skin in different ways. They do not only excel at preventing gloomy skin and dirt but also keeping your skin bright. Here are some green materials that we use in our products-

Maral Root- They have an extreme healing capability in difficult conditions, thanks to the high amount of phytoecdysteroids inside them.

Resurrection Plant- The name says it all. This wonderful plant can protect itself from harsh weather and dirt. It also has healing properties. Additionally, it provides hydration as well.

Chaga Mushroom- Can survive with no issue in temperature from -4 to 50-degree F.

Siberian Ginseng- Can thrive in environments containing high amounts of dirt, clay, and alkaline soil.

Rhodiola Rosea Root- This plant can store a high amount of nutrition for a long time. Meanwhile, it also prevents itself from losing nutrition for a long time.

As you can see, all these plants and roots can do their part in healing and protecting your skin in both day and nighttime.

Our Skin Care Combo

Our bioadaptive botanical method uses accurate skincare combos depending on your lifestyle. Whether you are working in front of your laptop for a long time or living in a high traffic area, we got you covered. Our combos include-

Fill me up combo- Removes the dryness from your skin and keeps it moisturized throughout the day and night.

Clear it away Combo- Brings the natural shine in your skin via our toner, cleanser, serum, and moisturizers.

Final Not

Nutricentials uses a number of skincare products that include different moisturizers for day and night. We also have toner to keep the pH balanced, serums to heal, and cleansers to remove any mess from the skin. Additionally, we also have regular treatment products to improve your skin tone and protection further.

Our prime objective is to get you through modern routines and technologies without running your skin. We also want a greener and livelier planet. Kindly help us achieve our goals by getting care from us.