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How to solve kitchen cleaning problems? Longtime Chef: Follow My 4 Tips for Quick Results

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I've asked a lot of people what the hardest part of the house to clean is, and 80% of them say the kitchen. They say that adults fall apart in just a moment.kitchen scrubber manufacturer Sometimes it's not the cooking that knocks a chef down, it's the evil kitchen cleaning. The kitchen may be small in size, but it's a lot of work to clean. What are some of the problems you've encountered when cleaning your kitchen? Today I'm going to share with you 4 great tips that are quick and effective to make your kitchen cleaner and more convenient~

1, stove cleaning

Stove is the brunt of the attack on grease, cooking frying frying more and more often, usually soup, spices splashed on it, will leave a difficult to remove the grease stains, and the stove will have a lot of national health management dead ends, the surrounding crevices in the scum is also more and more, rags can not be wiped off, with a steel wire ball is afraid of scratching the stove.

The first trick:Put the peel of a lemon or orange into the water and boil it. When the water cools down, you can easily scrub the dirt off the stove with a rag. You can also apply sticky rice soup to the stove. The rice broth will crust over when it dries and stick the grease stains together. Then wash the scabs formed by the rice soup and you can easily remove the dirt.

2. Wall Cleaning

Kitchen walls are heavily contaminated by oil, especially near the pots and pans. The walls are often infected with grease. Even if the tiles laid to facilitate wiping, the longer the time, the more likely to accumulate in the cracks of the tiles, turning black and moldy, kitchen glass windows are also very attractive smoke, if a long time no longer clean is a thick layer of oil.

The second trick: clean the tiles can be covered with toilet paper on the tiles, and then spray a certain amount of detergent so that the toilet paper adsorption on the tiles, 10 minutes after tearing off the toilet paper, and then wipe it with a damp cloth you do not have to clean it, the more you can clean the tiles, the more likely it is to accumulate in the cracks and become black and moldy.

3, hood cleaning

The hood is the cleaning guard of our kitchen. If the hood is not cleaned in time, it will affect the service life of the hood and the hood's suction rate.

The third trick: use electricity for blowing hot air by blowing against the oil for about 30 seconds, and then we use the detergent-soaked Pepsi cloth on the oil smoke out of the cleaning, the oil problem can be blown by the hairdryer will gradually become softer, it's easier to increase the scrubbing, want to wipe where you blow where it's easy to not only achieve a lot of time to save time detergent can also be old oil wipe clean, never again have to worry about the kitchen because of the students The grease that produces fumes ~

Range hood storage tank can be coated with a layer of plastic wrap to cover the inside of the tank. In this way, the oil tank does not need to be cleaned every time and the cling film can just be peeled off. It can be replaced regularly, which can save a lot of cleaning trouble and won't get hand oil.

4、Dish and chopsticks cleaning

After eating, we always used to put the greasy dishes together. In fact, this exacerbates the mutual pollution of dishes. After washing, we tend to ignore one thing, is to drain the dishes, and then put them together by hand, the dishes tend to mold, not conducive to the health of the dishes.

The fourth trick: washing dishes with detergent for fear of chemical residues can choose to waste tea cleaning, greasy bowl can also be easily removed, and do not have to worry about the chemical residues of detergent, wet dishes can choose to use a rag to dry or disinfectant disinfection, so that the dishes can be dry and clean.

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