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The ordinary girl's self-discipline to become beautiful plan


As an ordinary girl, you can also become beautiful, as long as you have a heart to insist on self-discipline, retrograde to beauty is not a problem, do not always envy the figure of female celebrities, because you did not do their extreme self-discipline, the next look at how to do every day, can make you retrograde to beauty it!


First of all, on a daily diet, drink a cup of warm water on an empty stomach early in the morning is conducive to the discharge of toxins from the body; to adhere to not less than 8 glasses of water a day, it is important to replenish water; breakfast must be eaten; chew slowly when eating, to facilitate digestion; less milk tea, iced drinks, eat more fruits and vegetables, a day a tomato whitening antioxidant; eat more alkaline food into an easy to thin body weight loss success without rebound, with sweet potatoes and other coarse fiber food instead Slim fast not rebound; often drink lemon honey water whitening and skin; eat more broccoli: it is rich in vitamin A vitamin C and carotene can enhance the skin's ability to resist damage to help maintain skin elasticity; each meal should be controlled at 7 points full; refuse puffed food and high oil and salt food, less oil and less salt safer.

The second is about daily exercise, want to become beautiful, body control is very important, to learn to develop an exercise plan according to their own talent and daily life style, the most common forms of exercise are yoga, running, sit-ups, etc. Yoga is a way to exercise the whole body, and do not have to go out, you can practice at home, suitable for the more lazy people, yoga can improve personal mood It is a good way to exercise.


Then is the skin care plan, as a beautiful woman, good skin is essential, must pay attention to the following good habits: warm water wash your face can help open the pores of the skin deep clean, daily diet should be light, pay attention to sun protection and all year round to adhere to the sun, do a good job of daily moisturizing, adhere to the mask 2-3 times a week for 15 minutes each time, adhere to the exercise, appropriate sweating can help detoxify the skin.

Become beautiful is not only external beauty, but also the inner temperament, to often read and learn, can go out more to improve their experience, go out to pay attention to the words, do not swear, do things to have an attitude, not perfunctory, to pay attention to their physical appearance, not stretched legs, not hunchback and so on, perhaps a small thing in life, a detail, pay attention to it can change a person's temperament.