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How to choose soundproof curtains? What kind of soundproof curtains are good?

how to choose soundproof curtains

Soundproof curtain system can generally be used in the living room,curtain designs can reduce the business outside noise. In the purchase of soundproof curtains first of all, we must fully consider the main issues of different materials, soundproof curtains common materials are chenille material, flocking soundproof curtains, canvas soundproof curtains, fiber curtains and so on a few; then also look at we also have to work through the understanding of the craftsmanship of the curtains and environmental protection performance. The following editorial on the soundproof curtains for the purchase of products to study and analyze, come together to understand more!

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First, how to choose soundproof curtains

1. In the procurement of soundproof curtains, curtains need to understand the quality of the material,focal shade but also to understand the craftsmanship of the curtains and so on. Because of the different requirements for soundproofing, so we buy, according to their actual situation to choose, sunshade and no sunshade function.

2. The quality of high-quality soundproof curtains should be inspected by relevant departments and will not cause harm to the human body. So when shopping, be sure to check the quality of soundproof curtains.

3. Soundproof curtain products with manual, remote control and other functions, the use of faster, more convenient, the use of high-end intelligent requirements. The color of the fabric has a variety of patterns, the choice of color should never be sloppy, curtains are always a bright picture of the landscape.

4. soundproof curtains soundproof material is not formaldehyde, environmental performance is particularly good.custom blinds The better the quality of soundproof curtains its after-sales service is also more perfect.

Second, what different materials sound insulation and curtains good

1, chenille soundproof curtains

Chenille material soundproof curtains have the best effect, its biggest feature is that the velvet is very full, hanging effect is good, and chenille soundproof curtains fabric is thick, give a person a kind of atmospheric feeling.

2, flocking soundproof curtains

This flocking soundproof curtain is characterized by a special coating on it, and the surface of the flocking soundproof curtain has fine velvet, which has a soundproof effect. In addition, flocking soundproof curtains are very environmentally friendly, not easy to lose color.

3, canvas soundproof curtains

Canvas soundproof curtains and flocking soundproof curtains, it is slightly less beautiful, but canvas soundproof curtains sound insulation effect is good, can isolate the general noise needs. If the curtain budget is low, then canvas soundproof curtains are the best choice.

4, fiber material

Compared with the first three materials of curtains, fiber curtains are slightly less soundproof. Although the fiber curtains are thicker and can play a better role in blocking light, but the fiber curtains themselves have more holes and the surface is not smooth enough, neither can they effectively absorb noise, nor can they reflect the sound waves back.