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How to choose kitchen wipes, choose the right one to save your heart and effort


Family life can not be separated from the kitchen, choose a good cleaning tools to make your work twice as hard.

Kitchen Cleaning Difficulties

Oil spills from pots and pans accumulate on the glass of the gas stove.china konjac sponge You don't dare to wipe it with a too wet rag mixed with detergent for fear that the excess water will seep into the gas stove and cause damage to the gas stove.

When the lid is open, condensate spills everywhere, which is hot and annoying. When steam condenses quickly into water and collects on the lid, it can suddenly slide off when the lid is opened. If you drop it in your food, there will be watermarks; if you drop it on the floor, the floor will be so wet and slippery that if you step on it, you'll fall off so easily you'll have to mop it.

Water on cabinet countertops can't be wiped off with repeated wiping.cellulose dishcloth wholesale When you wash dishes or other operations, water spills on the countertop and it still doesn't come clean even after repeated wiping. When cutting vegetables with a tablet, the tablet presses on the countertop splashing water, contamination is widespread.

Range hoods for the appearance of oil on the surface requires a strong adsorption technology ability of the rag to clean up in time.scrubber wholesale Range hood surface has a very wide, if wipe a wash a rag time-consuming and laborious, back and forth to toss themselves very tired.

Coral fleece rag features

Dry and wet. For just falling stains, you can use a dry rag to clean directly; For slightly longer stains, the rag with a little detergent and a little water, you can quickly clean up.

Easy to wash. Wash small stains directly with water. When there are large particles, you can backwash from the other side. Due to the permeability, water flows quickly from the inside to remove the dirt.

Doesn't shed lint. You can use it to wipe away the water from the lid without shedding and leaving tiny fibers, you can cover the pan directly without worrying about rag fibers falling into the pan and mixing with the plates.

Good water absorption. You can wipe off more sewage once, avoid wiping repeatedly, which is not conducive to take away the dirt, and it is troublesome to wipe the rag repeatedly.

Easy to dry. After washing we don't have to find a special place to hang it, just put it in any important place, no matter the hanging system or lay it flat quickly students can improve the drying for the next time you need to use it.

Wash out the smell quickly. If you forget to wash the rags, the rags will produce an odor, do not throw them away immediately, wash them with a little detergent and they will be as good as new.

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