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Are vacuum cleaners obsolete? Why?

A mini-vacuum can be

In fact, vacuum cleaners have "changed shape" rather than "shrunk"!

Anyone who does housework on a regular basis knows that after cleaning the dust off the surface of a wooden or tile floor, you must mop it again to get it really clean!

Otherwise, even if using large suction cleaning equipment to clean the ground seriously sucked once, best wet and dry cordless vacuum cleanerbarefoot walking around not only sticky feet, but also black soles!

So, while "vacuuming" is not our main focus, "scrubbing" is the key to cleaning the ground in China, ah!

When we understand this, and look back at the small home appliance "vacuum cleaner", we will feel a little embarrassed about its positioning as a "sweeper".

But!The vacuum cleaner has some advantages, one of which is its suction power!

It can absorb dust not only from the floor, but also from fabrics, appliances, and furniture crevices.

However, its disadvantage is that it cannot clean wet garbage and is difficult to operate in a water-filled environment. It also necessitates manual cleaning after use and is difficult to store.

Based on these two factors, China's "main battlefield" for vacuum cleaners has shifted from indoor floors to large carpets in a hotel/guestroom/main event venue.

Vacuum cleaners are excellent at removing dust and small debris particles from piles.

However, the most practical application in everyone's life is in the car. A mini-vacuum can be held in one hand to remove dust and debris from tight, crevice, and fabric environments in the car.

As a result, vacuum cleaners are not "diminishing," but rather gradually exiting the "battlefield" of Extendable Curtain Trackhome floor cleaning.

After the vacuum cleaner is "out of the picture," the floor cleaning robot and the washing machine will be given more responsibility for cleaning the floor at home.

So, as China has stated, we will now examine, in fact, sweeping robots and scrubbers, who is more suitable for our modern society, the needs of the family environment cleaning the floor?

Known: The floor cleaning needs of modern families are "spotless" and preferably "labor-saving" and "hands-free".

So, let us examine the requirements -

Sweeper.A "sweeping robot" that can only sweep the floor is equivalent to not having a micro-vacuum that can walk automatically, so it can be discussed without further investigation. The main topic of this discussion is more practical sweeping and dragging one development robot.

Advantages: small size, takes up no space, after the operation is finished, you can go back to recharge yourself, less worry.

Disadvantages: can only be used to clean up dust problems and small particles of dry garbage; cannot be used to clean up wet garbage or a large swath of Chinese stains.

The mop loaded in the floor cleaning robot is typically small and will drag in some dirt. Finally, it appears that the robot is dragging a dirty mop around the house. The floors are not only dirty, but the dirt is more evenly distributed.

Unless and until.You assist the sweeper robot in washing the mop all the way behind your buttocks, but what's the point of solar blindhaving your hands free?

The sweeper's MOP is filthy. You must remove it to clean it, or it will drag you around.

To summarize: The sweeping robot's greatest convenience is that you can use your working time to let the robot clean at home, and the floor is clean when you return home.

However, a clean degree or work that is debatable.

Scrubber.With the rise of the washing machine, "contract" more and more small appliances for home floor cleaning.

Many families appreciate the ease of using their own washing machines.

For example, the recently very popular Yuri home washing machine can "pass," scrub clean whether it is raw eggs slimy, soup greasy, or will "brush" the syrup, etc.

As a result, the scrubber is nearly "invincible" in terms of cleaning power.

As long as there is garbage on the ground through the stain, no matter how sticky it is, how much oil, how much soup water, anyway, they are intelligent sweeping robots and Chinese vacuum cleaners are helpless in the case, you can clean up clean, spotless with the scrubber.

Vacuum cleaners can only vacuum, sweep robots with a rag to wipe the entire family, to deep cleaning, but it also depends on the washing machine.