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SEO is not working, or SEO is dead, I have listened to the voice of 7 or 8 years

SEO is not working, or SEO is dead, I have listened to the voice of 7 or 8 years

It is said that the SEO industry has fallen behind. Why do you say SEO is no good?

SEO is not working, or SEO is dead, I have listened to the voice of 7 or 8 years, You Find Singaporebut so far we still have a large number of SEO practitioners can engage in SEO work, there are also many small and medium-sized enterprises need SEO development.

In order to explain that SEO is not good, I have conducted a view answer from three dimensions: the difficulty of SEO operation, traffic acquisition channel and current format.

1. the difficulty of SEO operation

At this level, Seo specifically refers to domestic search engine optimization for Baidu.

If SEO is not good, just before the article, the SEO operation method of the external chain is not good, does not mean that SEO is not good. Most people do SEO the old way, but no, say no. I don't even have the most basic self-knowledge.

With the continuous innovation and development of information search engine technology, search engines must become more and more intelligent and efficient in identifying research content, links, and user management behaviors (do not rule out that a search engine is becoming more and more rogue in the face of corporate financial risk pressure). So how is it possible to use technology that was available 10 years ago to do what we do today? It's not that SEO is getting harder to do, it's that these people aren't keeping up with The Times.

This is understandable, of course. Unlike Taobao shop operation, Xu has a special official school to teach you how to operate a shop and manage a shop. While SEO does not, the number of people who learn these techniques is not only small, but most also make a lot of money.

So, although SEO has access to fresh knowledge, not everyone has the ability to turn knowledge into operational solutions. The result is that search engines are constantly updating their algorithms and logic, while the knowledge in the minds of practitioners is never updated. It gets harder and harder to do the final SEO, more and more traffic is lost, and then they change careers, jump ship, or even get laid off.

2. Traffic acquisition channels

With the rise of the mobile Internet, the position of search engines as traffic inputs in the PC era has been weakened to some extent.

At the same time, the way to obtain traffic is differentiated by multiple platforms, and the cost of obtaining traffic is becoming more and more expensive. SEO is one of the free ways to get massive traffic through search engines. If it does, it's definitely the biggest channel.

With the current online network traffic market, it is not difficult to get large-scale traffic management, the difficult thing is how much money do you have to engage? Can I take over the input-learning-output ratio from the final costing work?

In addition, Xu is about search rankings. Wechat search, APP search, Zhihu search, Weibo search, Little Red book search, tiktok/Headline search, QQ group search... ... Isn't this all about searching? Can be through the technical means of SEO up. It is much easier to solve this problem than Baidu's technical problems!

Where there is search, there is SEO!

The more expensive traffic, the more valuable SEO is. Because what you get is high precision, user-initiated free traffic. Your cost comes from labor!

3. Current business view

Terms such as data-driven, fine-grained operations continue to permeate the corporate workplace. Product-oriented, content-oriented, operational-oriented, data-oriented enterprises continue to evolve. Once upon a time, most businesses were mobile for the emperor.

There are also traffic enterprises, but most of them are to b enterprises. Access to traffic, access to leads, sales intervention, single conversion, is traffic thinking.

Combined with a point I said in 1, how many people can not do SEO transfer, these people with SEO is dead voice to continue to develop and spread. Let too many cause enterprises to avoid it, and the heart is willing and the force is insufficient?

But also fortunately, they spread far less to our competitors in the SEO market.

Finally, in the face of some domestic enterprise service providers, especially Baidu's intervention in search ranking algorithms, it is also a black hand in the industry.

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