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What do I need to know about credit card online payments?

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As we all know, credit card is a payment global gateway credit card processing management tool both offline and online. Cardholders can not only swipe their cards in online and offline shopping malls, but also enterprises can shop online on the shopping platform. What matters should students pay attention to in the credit card online banking payment system?

1. Online credit card payment must be opened by the cardholder

If you want to use this card to pay online, it is not enough to activate online banking. You must activate the online payment function on the official website of the credit card. Also, in order to minimize the losses caused by a stolen credit card, it is a good idea to set a limit on online credit card payments.

2. Save online credit card payment information and do not disclose it

The development of credit card online banking payment requires you to enter data-related credit card management information, such as corporate credit card number, cardholder name, mobile phone verification code, etc. If none of the information is entered incorrectly, the credit card online payment will fail. In addition, the need to disclose such credit card market information during online payment services will greatly increase the risk of credit card fraud.

3. Pay attention to network security when making credit card online payments

Online payments with cards must be guaranteed in a secure payment environment. Try not to operate the computer in public places such as Internet cafes. It is best to check and kill computer viruses before paying to prevent criminals from stealing important information and causing losses.

4. Credit card online payment refund time

For orders paid online by credit card, a refund is subsequently requested. Refunds are generally returned to the credit card according to the original payment method. However, this kind of refund generally takes 2-3 working days to arrive in the account, and the amount can be restored immediately after the account is received. You should pay close attention to your account.