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Universities in Ukraine decide to issue free e-student tickets in 2020


Already in 2020, Ukrainian students of colleges and universities will be able to issue electronic student tickets. The procedure will be free.

The introduction of an electronic student card in 2020 was announced by the Prime Minister of Ukraine Alexey Goncharuk.

The Minister of Education of Ukraine Anna Novosad spoke about the details of issuing and using a new student card

According to the official, the electronic document will have the same functions as the plastic counterpart.

The electronic version will confirm the status of the student and the right to benefits provided by law. An e-ticket does not require additional presentation of a regular student ID or passport. Also, it will be possible to present the student’s e-ticket using the “Action” application on the smartphone.

“We are grateful to the Ministry of Digital Transformation for joint work on a pilot project and are ready to work further - both on the development of the student’s e-ticket and on the introduction of other useful tools,”said Novosad.

Plastic student card holders can book student e-tickets. The procedure is free and takes place at the request of the student.

In order to receive an e-ticket, it is necessary to download the application of the online service of state services “Action” on a smartphone and pass identification in it. An e-ticket is generated in the application automatically.

What is the Action mobile app?

smartphone application introduced by the Ministry of Digital Transformation;

application testing began on December 16;

in the application you need to register and upload documents there (driver’s license, technical passport of a car and others);

Now the system is in test mode;

20 thousand Ukrainians took part in the first wave of testing.