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2024 user-friendly wax beads for wax seal

The ZRCHLS 370 Pieces Octagon Wax Seal Beads Kit with a Melting Spoon and 2 Candles for Seal Stamp is ideal for sealing gifts and envelopes, as well as wedding invitations. It comes in metallic pine green color.

Price: $9.99

Seal: Add a distinctive touch to your creations by sealing and decorating letters with our vibrant Hexagonal Wax Seal Decorative Candle Pellets.

Select from Four Vibrant and Rich Sealing Wax Colors: Our selection of four sealing wax colors will give your letters and gift wrap a brand-new appearance that will wow your receivers.

Easy to Use: To seal and embellish, just use a candle burner or melter with the appropriate amount of wax seal beads and gently heat.

Efficient and easy, reduce labor and time.

More Vibrant: Our wax seal kit candle pellets are composed of premium ingredients to guarantee a lengthy burn period and persistent color vibrancy, adding durability to your creations.

Multipurpose Use: Candle pellets with a wax seal can be used for crafts, gift wrapping, envelope decoration, and other creative projects to give character and detail.

They are also great for sealing letters.

200 pieces of Blue Wax Seal Beads, ideal for embellishing wedding invitations, are wax sealing beads used for wax stamp sealing. Christmas Cards with Envelopes

Price: $5.99

Wax seal beads in blue hues, smokeless, odorless, fusible, quick-drying, and easy to print, are crafted from premium wax that has vibrant and glossy colors.

To ensure that it cools down fast and doesn't stick to your stamp, please heal your seal stamp on ice or with ice before beginning.

Perfect for sealing stamps to adorn envelopes, packages, invites, postcards, wedding cards, and more; also suitable for scrapbooks, manuscripts, maps, and cards.

Handmade cards and messages can be perfectly personalized with this method.

Often used for stationery, crafts, presents, packaging, everyday essentials, crafts, invitations, and more.

presents that are special and one-of-a-kind for your family, friends, or yourself.

200 pieces of sealing wax beads in basic blue colors in a bottle.

To create one imprint, you need roughly three pieces of beads.

Wax seal stamps, wine packages, cards, envelopes, and gift wrapping (deep sea) are all excellent uses for the 300 pieces of Lucky Star Sealing Wax Beads from PORXFLY Flash.

Price: $10.98

Included with the package are 300 pieces of flash large lucky star sealing wax beads.

The diameter of the sealing wax beads is 0.47 inches (12 mm) in size.

【Features】Made of wax and resin, the Wax Seal Beads are smokeless, non-toxic, melt readily, and dry quickly.

【Lucky star Shape Wax Seal Beads】, one bottle will manufacture approximately 100–150 seals; 2-3 pieces of beads are needed to create one impression.

【Many uses】: These sealing wax beads can be used to seal gifts, wine or cosmetic packages, parties, crafts, manuscripts, maps, vintage letters, envelopes, parcels, cards, and other craft projects.

Different Colors of Sealing Wax Beads Crafts Star Shape Quick Dry Wax Stamp Beads Wedding Invitations with Stamp Seals as a Gift

Price: $19.71
wax seal furnace

Fast Drying: When heated, these wax sealing beads emit no odor or fumes and dry rapidly, saving you time.

Boxed Packaging: To suit your demands, all of these star-shaped wax stamp beads are neatly arranged in a clear storage box with 24 sections.

Simple to Handle: To achieve a smooth and lovely design, simply heat these wax sealer beads in a spoon or wax sealer warmer.

This process takes very little time.

A Wide Range of Colors: To give your do-it-yourself and craft projects a little more bling, this package of sealable wax beads comes in 24 vivid colors, with roughly 20 beads of each color.

Various Applications: These wax sealing beads are perfect for DIY projects, wine bags, gift seals, postcards, envelopes, and more.

A complete set of Christmas wax seal stamps, including 630 wax seal beads, 2 wax seal stamps, 1 wax seal warmer, 2 metallic pen sets, 1 wax spoon, and 10 white candles (stamp warmer beads kit).

Price: $19.98

One wax seal cleaner, ten tea candles, two wax stamps, one wax seal warmer, one sealing wax spoon, two metallic pens, one pair of tweezers, and one stirring needle were all included in the package of all-in-one wax seal beads.

Twenty-four colors Wax Seal Beads: 24 colors, approximately 630 pieces, all of which are of high quality and can be mixed to create a variety of stunning colors.

They will satisfy all of your needs when creating wax sealings.

Sealing wax has a wide range of applications, including handicrafts, gifts, manuscripts, maps, envelopes, packages, cards, and wedding invitations.

Perfect present for a wax sealing enthusiast for holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Valentine's Day, and others With the new design of the Wax Seal Warmer Cleaner Tweezers and Stirring, you can easily remove the wax seal beads with the tweezers and use the stirring needle to quickly and evenly melt the wax.

You can create your own wax seal stamp more quickly and easily with the help of the wax warmer and wax melting spoon.

Christmas and tree of life wax sealing stamps are included with the sealing wax kit.

The wooden handle and brass head of the wax stamps are constructed from brass.

The stamp face has a very distinct detail that will result in a neat and tidy seal stamp with a beautiful image.

260 pieces of cat-claw-shaped wax seal beads in bulk, perfect for sealing wax beads for wedding invites Christmas Gift-Wrapping and Envelope Sealing (Pink Jelly Peach)

Price: $7.99

One 7mm-diameter seal wax bead is among the 260 pieces that make up the package contents.

To create one impression of a 25mm wax seal stamp, use four to five pieces of wax beads!

Using various stamps and wax sealing beads, you can create between 60 and 70 seals in total.

【Vibrant Colors, Crystal Clear Stamp】Our wax seal beads in the shape of a cat claw are charming and distinctive, with vibrant colors and a clear printing.

Please place the wax stamp on a cool plate or ice pack after every four to five seals to prevent the wax from sticking to the stamp.

【Excellent Wax Particles, Non-Toxic and Odorless】 Made from premium resin, the sealing wax beads are non-toxic, odorless, and safe for your health.

【Simple to Use】The cat claw-shaped wax seal beads are the perfect size, requiring only four to five wax beads to fully exhibit the seal.

Try not to melt the wax for too long or too hot, and use a stirring stick to speed up the melting process to prevent bubbles from forming in the sealing wax beads.

Wide Range of Uses: Wax seal beads can be presented to juniors, coworkers, friends, classmates, and others.

They can also be used for a variety of occasions, including Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day, graduation ceremonies, weddings, and more.

For fans of wax seals, it is a necessity.

White 200-piece Octagon Wax Seal Beads with Box for Envelope Stamps, Cards, Invitations, Wine Packages, and Letter Sealing (Purple) are available for sealing.

Price: $6.99

There are 200 pieces of sealing wax beads in the package.

Each one is presented in a clear container that is convenient to use and keep.

It is advised to use three beads to create one impression.

High Quality Material: These wax sealing beads are non-toxic, smokeless, and unscented.

They are composed of wax and may be used quickly and easily to create beautiful wax stamps.

It dries quickly and melts easily.

Clean Color: These octagon sealing wax beads have a glossy, vintage, delicate, classic, and attractive cut shape.

A stamp can be created by combining different colors.

Wide Application: To assist you in creating flawless wax seals, the wax sealing beads spread out swiftly and evenly.

ideal for crafting projects such as party invites, wine or tea packing, wedding invitations, Christmas letters, thank-you cards, maps, retro letters, manuscripts, envelopes, packages, and greeting cards.

Warning: Avoid touching the liquid Seal Wax that has melted with your hands!

Please DO NOT melt the wax for an extended period of time or too hotly to prevent bubbles in the wax beads.

Please attempt to cool the wax stamp on an ice pack after every four to five seals to prevent the wax from sticking to the stamp.

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