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Laser engraving machine engraving, so that the leather and wine bottles upgraded to works of art

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The application of laser engraving machine in the leather industry overcomes the problems of traditional handmade, slow electric shear, difficult layout, low efficiency and waste of materials.laserpecker 2 laser engraver Its high speed and simple operation bring great benefits to the development of leather industry. By inputting graphics and dimensions into the computer, the laser engraving machine is able to cut the whole piece of material into the desired finished product according to the data on the computer. There is no need to use tools or molds and it also saves a lot of investment in human resources. Therefore, laser engraving machines are widely used in the leather industry.

Laser engraving machines, also known as laser perforation,laser pecker 4 are mainly used in the manufacturing process of shoe uppers, handbags, leather gloves, bags and other products in the leather industry. Its manufacturing techniques include punching, surface marking or cutting patterns. Compared with traditional cutting methods, laser engraving machine has many advantages: no yellowing of cutting edges, automatic curling of edges without deformation, no hardening, uniform and accurate dimensions, the ability to cut any complex shapes, high efficiency, low cost, and high computation. It can design graphics and cut lace of any size without the need for a machine to process any shape of workpiece. In addition, the laser engraving machine is safe and reliable to operate and easy to maintain.

For wine bottles made of non-metallic materials, laser engraving machine is the best choice if you want to engrave them.laser pecker pro Because the laser engraving machine can make the appearance of the bottle without any changes, not only the appearance, but also the internal deformation.

The engraving of bottles needs to be very fine. In terms of material, the engraving of wine bottles requires very fine. At the same time, it needs to be done by a skilled engraver. The skill of the engraver also determines the final result of the bottle. In the world of wine, a simple wine cooler can be a work of art.

This bottle was originally used to hold wine. It used to be a sauce bottle with glass material and simple style. However, with the rise of wine culture, wine bottles have taken on diverse forms. There are different requirements in terms of style, material and shape. More attention is paid to the style and shape of the bottle, as well as the engraving on the bottle. The bottle is becoming a cultural symbol and even an art form.

The materials used in modern wine bottles are no longer limited to glass, but even include crystal materials and precious metals. In the world of wine bottles, it is no longer just the logo of one's winery on the bottle. With the trend of wine culture, the various styles and designs should keep changing. From the initial relief to the current styles and patterns such as shadow carving, inscriptions and yang, the wine bottle is no longer just a container for wine, but a work of art.