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What are the reasons why women lose their hair?

What are the reasons why women lose their hair?

1. Higher stress

The first reason why women throw their hair, is because there is more mental stress. Nowadays, the rhythm of life is very fast, women have to deal with a variety of problems at work, but also need to manage the family in the large and small affairs, will allow themselves to have a relatively large amount of pressure, the spirit is in a state of tension, the body's endocrine disorders occur, the blood circulation will be impeded, which will be the case of hair loss hair loss.

2. Fertilization excessive dietary control

Many female friends in pursuit of a slim figure, the development of a more stringent weight loss program, through dieting to achieve the purpose of slimming, but for a long time only eat vegetables, fruits, do not eat meat or carbohydrate intake is insufficient, the body will lack protein, affecting the health of the hair follicles, there will be a woman to throw out the hair of the situation. Women who have a weight loss program, we must eat a reasonable diet to avoid hair loss.

3. Hair perming and dyeing damage to hair quality

Hair loss has a lot to do with frequent perming and hair coloring. Women like to change their hair style, often go to the barber store to do hair, excessive use of chemical ingredients in the hair coloring cream and perm cream, will damage their hair quality, affecting the health of the hair, but also the situation of hair loss. Women need to control the frequency of hair coloring and perming, and also need to take good care of their hair on a regular basis.

4. Irregular work and rest

Women throw hair and work and rest are also related, women who often stay up late, irregular work and rest, there will be a long time serious hair loss hair loss, combing hair found hair loss, you need to promptly change their work and rest, adjust the rest time, and so on after a period of time, the situation of hair loss will be improved.

5. Scalp inflammation

Women throwing hair may also be scalp inflammation, some inflammation around the hair follicles, after such a situation, women will also be combing their hair to find the situation of hair loss, then you need to promptly go to the hospital to check the cause of hair loss, find the cause of the disease and treatment in a timely manner.


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