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Hydrating serum enhances skin hydration and makes skin hydrated and youthful


It is not enough to have a water cream in your daily skincare routine, but a moisturizing serum can be an effective hydrating, whitening and anti-aging agent. Because of the high concentration of active ingredients in the serum, it is also more targeted. 1-2 drops of hydrating serum is more ideal than a single mask, and it is more friendly to dehydrated skin.

How to use Hydrating Essence

Use a moisturizing serum in the fall and winter to deeply hydrate your skin and reduce the effects of the season. How to use the serum for better skin care. After cleansing and moisturizing with toner, take out an appropriate amount of the serum and apply it to the T-zone area, avoiding the skin around the eyes. Rub your hands together and gently press the mask, then use your fingers to gently massage it from bottom to top and from the inside to the outside, so that the essence is completely absorbed. You can also use your ring finger to gently pat the face to lift the face from bottom to top to avoid sagging skin. After the serum is applied, use the cream for a long-lasting moisturizing effect, leaving the skin white and vibrant the next day.

How to use moisturizing serum

How to choose a moisturizing serum

There are many brands of moisturizing serums in the market, so it is important to know the strength of the brand, the reputation of the brand, the influence of the brand, and so on, to make sure it is a safe and qualified product. After that, you can compare the products to find the one you like. The Polar Botanical Essence skin care series and NaPCA series skin care products have different hydrating and moisturizing effects. The new formula uses extracted botanicals to help protect the skin from external damage, infusing the skin with powerful vitality, filling the skin with vitality and hydration, and truly taking care of the skin.

How to choose a moisturizing serum

The moisturizing essence provides a constant supply of moisture to the skin cells and helps the skin to absorb moisture more quickly, maintaining the skin's moisture balance and leaving the skin soft, smooth and hydrated. If you are still using water creams, remember to add an extra moisture serum to help keep your skin moisturized and fresh, and your skin will be unexpectedly delicate and radiant.