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Communication module high boom continues, vehicle and 5G CPE support demand

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Prosperity continues: Mobile communication module industry is downstream lpwa 5g has properties local decentralization, where downstream areas prosper after other areas demand do strong to do support. Since 2022, the demand for personal computers and laptops has declined, but the demand for 5g cpe and vehicle communication modules remains strong. In addition, while overall PC shipment growth rate has declined significantly since 2022, PC cellular module penetration continues to improve and PC cellular module shipments are expected to maintain growth of over 20%. From a revenue growth perspective, the leaders in communication modules, telecommunication and wide area and pass achieved 64.7%/37% revenue growth respectively, while Magnetstar Intelligence achieved 54% revenue growth, which is a testament to the continued high boom in communication modules.

Domestic local epidemic impact:The impact of production capacity is small, and the production capacity of leading domestic cellular communication module manufacturers is not in Shanghai and other places where the epidemic is serious. The impact of the local epidemic in China is more on the demand side, with domestic passenger car production and sales down 59.8% and 60.7% year-over-year in April, which were severely affected by the Shanghai epidemic. However, with the gradual recovery of the epidemic and the resumption of work and production at Shanghai auto plants, production capacity is expected to continue to recover.

Overseas high inflation factors impact: divided into two important aspects, one is the Russian-Ukrainian conflict under the global economy energy market prices pulled up resulting in high inflation in Europe; one is for the U.S. society itself including monetary overdraft, including a variety of major reasons for the analysis of record high inflation levels. Hyperinflation is more of a development that affects consumption overseas and needs to be managed through continuous tracking. However, this is not a problem for any one company, but for the entire industry and sector as a whole.

Outlook for 2022: Global module shipments are expected to reach 557 million in 2022, with a market size of $44.8 billion, up nearly 40% year-over-year.


A 4G SIM may it be used in a 5G phone?

Undoubtedly, a 4G SIM will function in 5G-enabled phones. You should also keep in mind that you wouldn't be able to fully utilize 5G's capabilities. You would need a 5G SIM and a 5G phone in order to take full advantage of the 5G network.

LPWAN: Is it a Wi-Fi?

Along with widely used communication options like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, there are more specialized technologies that push the envelope of what is practical. One such innovation is LPWAN, a very recent form of networking.

What exactly does LPWA mean?

The term Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) technology first appeared in 2013 and refers to a family of wireless technologies that are ideally suited to the unique requirements of machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Can ZigBee operate at 5 GHz?

Zigbee and Wi-Fi share the same frequency range (2.4 GHz). Most IoT devices will only support 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi, even though many modern smartphones, tablets, and laptops support 5 GHz Wi-Fi and can operate independently of other traffic as long as your access point supports simultaneous dual-band.