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They say my, my, my, do you know what a miner is?

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A bitcoin miner is a computer that is used to earn bitcoins. These computers s19 pro 110thusually have specialized mining chips and most of them work by burning graphics cards, which consume a lot of power. One way to get bitcoins is to download software from a personal computer then run a specific algorithm and then communicate with a remote server to get the corresponding bitcoins.

Some of the popular digital electronic currencies in 2013 are, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Zeta Coin, Penny Coin (extranet), Invisible Standard Bullion, Red Coin, Pole Coin, BBQ Coin, and Prime Coin. There are currently hundreds of digital Chinese currencies issued for businesses around the world

Brief Introduction

Bitcoin is a virtual currency. Bitcoin mining is the process of performing mathematical operations on the Bitcoin network through computer hardware, and miners who provide the service are rewarded. Since online payments are based on tasks completed by miners, mining is highly competitive. Bitcoin mining began with low-cost hardware such as CPUs antminer 19or GPUs, but the process has changed significantly with the popularity of Bitcoin. Currently, mining activity is being shifted to field programmable gate arrays, which can be optimized to achieve hashing speeds, and this model is very efficient at mining.


Download the dedicated Bitcoin calculator tool, then register with the various partner sites, enter the registered username and password into the calculator, and click on the operation to begin.

Price and Performance

The price of a bitcoin miner can range from $200,000 to $200,000. 2011 to 2013 saw the much-anticipated bitcoin "miner" go from $10,000 to $300,000, but the performance was much better than before. According to industry sources, old machines used to be able to mine 1 bitcoin in 100 days, but now (in 2013) machines can mine 3.5 bitcoins in 100 days.

According to the mining machine information published by the domestic Chinese team that carries out the assembly technology, a minimum effective configuration network mining machine with a product price of 3,000 yuan, according to the different bitcoin mining calculation speed, more than 30 days can quickly return to the capital. A machine learning at a mining working speed of 10G/s can mine a about 0.03 bitcoins 24 hours a day, while a 13G/s machine is able to mine about 0.035 bitcoins 24 hours a day according to the 2013 network-wide computing power and difficulty.


According to the formula for bitcoin output, output almost bitmain s19 prohalves every four years, eventually reaching an extreme value of 21 million. Each time, it appreciates significantly. This currency, which is not controlled by central banks, will continue to appreciate in value compared to the real currency that continues to be quantitatively eased. By 2013, about 11 million bitcoins had been generated.

Hardware Expenditures

Mining is really a competition for performance, a competition for equipment, and with a large number of mining machines consisting of graphics cards, even with only a low-end graphics card like the HD6770, the computing power of most users behind the "swarm" can still exceed that of a single graphics card. Moreover, this is not the scariest part. Some mining machines are made up of more arrays of such graphics cards. There are dozens or even hundreds of graphics cards. The graphics cards themselves are costly to mine, including the price of the hardware and other costs.


LHR – Does it harm gaming?

GPU hash rate generally has no appreciable performance influence on games. Where there are performance differences between a card's LHR and non-LHR versions, these are caused by modifications to the cooling system or factory overclocks rather than variations in hash rate.

What does an S19 Pro cost?

Prices for the Antminer S19j and S19 Pro begin at $5,000 USD and $6,000 USD, respectively. Prices change according to volume, availability, and ship date. Pre-orders for Antminer S19 XP 140TH are being accepted now; the devices will ship in July 2022.

What is the lifespan of an S19 Antminer?

ASICs' life expectancy The longevity of an ASIC is influenced by its model, maintenance history, and production date. For instance, the Bitmain Antminer S19 Pro, the most recent antminer, is predicted to last for more than five years.