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Russian cows wear VR goggles ...

"Let me feel like I'm in a spacious meadow with the summer sun."

 Russian cows wear VR goggles ...

Russian Dairy Cows Wearing Virtual Reality (VR) Goggles [Source: Ministry of Agriculture, Russia]

(Seoul) Cows also write.

Russian dairy farmers wore VR goggles on cows, CNN and others reported on Wednesday.

To reduce cow's anxiety and make them happy to produce more milk.

According to the Russian Ministry of Agriculture on the 25th, a cow is testing VR goggles on a farm outside Moscow.

The Ministry of Agriculture cited the findings that the environmental conditions for raising cows could affect milk production, such as increasing milk quality and increasing yields.


Cows wandering German grasslands [EPA = Yonhap News]

A development team, assisted by dairy advisors and veterinarians, built large-scale VR goggles for cows. Human VR was adapted to the cow's head and sight.

Cows wearing VR goggles will feel as if they are in a vast grassland under the summer sun.

To date, it has not been confirmed whether these goggles helped produce milk.

However, the first experiment showed that cows' anxiety was reduced and they felt better after wearing goggles, the ministry said.


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