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Classification and applications of GNSS modules

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The current classification from the supported frequency bands and satellite systems can be divided into single-mode positioning module, single-frequency multi-mode positioning module, multi-frequency multi-mode positioning module, integrated antenna positioning module.

Single-mode positioning: positioning modules that support only one satellite system, such as BeiDou positioning only.

single-frequency multi-mode positioning module: only support gps gnss modulea frequency band, while supporting GPS, BeiDou, GLONASS and other satellite systems positioning module, such as our E108-GN01/E108-GN02; while supporting BDS/GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO/QZSS/SBAS six satellite systems, positioning higher frequency, shorter shorter and more accurate.

Multi-mode and multi-frequency positioning modules: modules that support both L1 and L5 bands and multiple satellite systems, which are more selective and flexible than single-frequency and multi-mode positioning modules.

integrated antenna positioning module: as positioning modules necessarily need antennas, sometimes external antennas are not particularly convenient, many people prefer integrated, easy to use products, E108-GN02D, in addition to supporting multi-mode positioning, but also integrated active ceramic antennas; users can take ready to use, without additional integrated antenna;.

From the application point of view, it can be divided into two aspects of navigation and precise positioning.

General positioning accuracy in the meter-level positioning module, able to be applied in the tracker, asset positioning, T-BOX, wearable, car navigation, shared bicycle, police PDA, OBD and other fields, mainly in the navigation, such as E108-GN01/E108-GN02/E108-GN02D module products of YIBT, belongs to this category.

General centimeter-level precise positioning module, can be used in intelligent robots, autonomous driving, precision agriculture, industrial automation, automatic lawn mowers, drones and other fields.


Positioning not only plays an important role in national events, such as precision guidance, but also is closely related to people's lives, such as car navigation, bicycle sharing, cell phone positioning, vending machines, drones, etc. It directly serves people's production life, and the market is huge.


What does GNSS stand for?

A self-contained, high-performance Global Satellite Navigation System receiver developed for navigation, tracking, and positioning applications is the GM Series GNSS receiver module. It can concurrently acquire and track numerous satellite constellations thanks to its MediaTek chipset.