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Getting into Poly is probably the luckiest thing that's happened to me in four years

Getting into Poly is probably the luckiest thing that's happened to me in four years

Getting into Poly is probably the luckiest thing that's happened to me in four years

When I first came to Poly, I felt like I had entered a maze with a complex and exquisite structure. The floor from the wall to the platform was paved with red bricks. There were many seats and basins on campus, which were very humanized. The campus is open and anyone can come and go freely. 40 under 40 awardThe location of the school is also very advantageous, just at the exit of Hung Hom MTR Station, to Tsim Sha Tsui or Mong Kok is only one stop away, even walking to Tsim Sha Tsui is also very convenient.

The school library is the place I miss the most, and when I basically do nothing, I will soak in it, not because I love learning, but because it is so comfortable.Gen. T List The air conditioning is always on and there is a sense of comfort as soon as you walk in. Internal facilities, powerful. There are separate quiet areas and discussion groups, each with several large computers for students to use free of charge. There are separate study rooms on the third and fifth floors, which are very spacious, as well as small rooms that can be used for group discussions with whiteboards and monitors. Even in ordinary learning areas, there will be a certain degree of privacy, basically all positions are cut off, and each position has a socket, which can be said to provide the greatest convenience for students to learn.

We exchange students lived in Hung Hom Old Hall, a place surrounded by food, about 15 minutes away from the school, only need to cross the bridge, past the MTR station. The bridge is often very busy. Free newspapers are handed out every morning, buskers sometimes perform in the evening, and supporters vote for Yao later. The hostel in Hung Hom has a high degree of freedom.Design talent award Internet, power and water were not disrupted. My aunt comes twice a week to clean up the rubbish. Nave can cook on each floor. When I first arrived in Hong Kong, I couldn't wait to buy a spatula, oil and salt, and so on. I wanted to practice cooking, but then I got busy.

The courses of Poly are mainly divided into the following four levels, all of which are composed of lecture and lab. For level3 and level4 classes, we need to do a group project, and some classes have two aspects of teaching by teachers and students. The teacher will be sure to give the arrangement and grade weight of each class at the beginning of a semester. In Poly, there is no need to purchase history textbooks. For each class, the teacher will print out the handouts in advance and send them to everyone. There are two different types of Final grades, one is test, which is practiced in the first semester and the last is a science class where the teacher gives an analytical test, and the score is 30% of the total grade. The other is the exam, which accounts for 50% of the total grade. It will be conducted in the exam month after the end of this semester. I have two exams in the development of a gymnasium that can accommodate 500 people at the same time, and the scene is also very spectacular.

I had four classes at Poly. The biggest difference between my experience at Poly and my experience at school is freedom. No bells. Teachers are free to adjust the class time. I had two teachers who thought 8:30 was too early and put it off until after 9. The students are also free to choose the class time, and then the teacher will not blame you, even if you do not go to class, do not worry about being disqualified. In one class, I didn't realize until the day of my speech that there were so many students in the class that less than half were listening. Of course, some teachers are very strict, for example, I have a class, a semester 4 consecutive

Test, knowledge check twice, almost every two weeks, and the lab is difficult. There will be many classes that don't talk about the need to expand my mind, which at one point made me feel helpless and devastated, but I did learn a lot of useful things in this class. In general, Paulie's classes are not difficult, but the assignments and LABS do not copy the written stuff, which is still challenging. How much you learn depends entirely on your self-discipline.

Let's talk about two very interesting things about Poly, one is an organization called GSAP and the other is an EXCELL course.

GSAP is a platform for students from different cultural backgrounds to exchange, and each member of GSAP must hold an event every semester. I remember when I first arrived at Poly, I was fascinated by GSAP's ubiquitous posters, which encompassed a wide variety of activities. These activities are very interesting, such as making matcha, kneading noodles, drawing postcards and so on. , as well as some outdoor activities in Diamond Hill and Lamma Island. At that time, I scanned almost every poster and signed up. The two outdoor activities in Lamma Island and Devil's Hill, and the dumplings in the dormitory building, left a deep impression on me. Through GSAP, I have met many interesting and lovely people and left unforgettable and precious memories.

In addition to studying professional technical courses, Poly offers a variety of student interest courses, namely EXCELL (Extra-Curricular)

Enriching lifelong learners, courses are taught by external teachers. They have to pay an additional HK $50 for each course. At the time, they couldn't make up their minds in the heat of the moment. They enrolled in five courses, including Cantonese, Spanish, tree expert, Hong Kong Starry Night and hip-hop music. Unfortunately, some of them didn't make it. Looking back, I still regret it. Tree experts and starry sky also take an outdoor course, in a non-tourist perspective, on Victoria Peak. Instead of seeing the hustle and bustle of the harbor, there was only a quiet jogging track along which teachers explained the plants and flowers along the way to the students. Unfortunately, the course was conducted in Cantonese, so I didn't understand anything.