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Definition of the term "digital economy"

Definition of the term "digital economy"

After agricultural and industrial economies, the digital economy is the most important economic form. It is a new economic form that promotes more uniform fairness and efficiency by using data resources as the key element, modern information networks as the primary carrier, convergence application of information and communication miner s19 protechnology, and digital transformation of all factors.

The digital economy is evolving at an unprecedented rate, with a broad range of radiation and a deeper impact, and is driving profound changes in production, lifestyle, and governance, becoming a key force in reorganizing global factor resources, reshaping the global economic structure, and changing the global competitive landscape.

What exactly is the digital economy? The digital economy is a new economic form that consists of a series of economic activities that use gtx 1080 ti miningdigital knowledge and information as key factors of production, a modern information network as an important carrier, and effective use of information and communication technology as a driving force to promote efficiency improvement and economic structure optimization.

In recent years, as a new generation of information technology has continued to break through and become widely used, the digital economy hasgtx 1080 mining broken through the limitations of space, time, and industrial boundaries, overturning traditional business boundaries and growth rules, accelerating penetration and coverage to all areas of the economy and society, and increasingly becoming an important engine of economic development.