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After 9 years studying slimming methods, here's what this researcher discovered:

After 9 years studying slimming methods,  here's what this researcher discovered:

It is the effervescence after the presentation of new results by an independent researcher from Grenoble. Against all odds, her research suggests that lasting weight loss does not require starvation, physical activity, or even more than 10 to 20 minutes a day ...

At the root of this discovery, Simon Cavallo, a 42-year-old engineer and researcher who spent the last 9 years of his life studying the mechanisms of weight loss. His publications regularly meet with great success, including a bestseller sold more than 100,000 copies. He tells :

"I grew up with a mom who worked in the thinning business. I have always heard about these famous "diets". What surprised me was that the people who talked about it seemed to be on a diet all their life. Especially because of the terrible "yoyo effect". "

More recently, the study published by ANSES (National Agency for Health Security in France) in 2010 has only worsened this feeling. Indeed, it has shown that 95% of diets end in failure 1 .

Tired of this situation, Simon ended up launching his own laboratory and his own method. But where others are content to recycle old (inefficient) approaches, he has left a blank page:

"There was this new technique we did not talk about. In France, nobody believed it. I was taken for a joker. Whereas in the United States it was already commonplace.

It should be noted that there are today more than 540 different studies on the effects of this technique on overweight or obesity 2 . And by the way, when our first results arrived, everyone changed their tone ... "

Since then, more than 28,000 enthusiastic people from 91 countries have tested this innovative method, sometimes with results * that exceed anything that seems possible.

A secret finally revealed

The secret of the effectiveness of this method is not just a new way of thinking about thinness.

In addition to using simple foods such as potatoes or citrus fruits differently, the real key to this approach is the activation of a particular organ, especially just before bedtime. An organ too long neglected by all other approaches.

The simple fact of "starting up" this organ radically multiplies the results of its patients * , and in a sustainable way. As if you were pressing a button.

A news that does not please everyone

The announcement of a radical method to stop overweight problems is apparently not to everyone's taste, confides Simon, because it threatens the interests of some. But nothing will make him back down:

"Together with my team, our mission is to eradicate overweight problems. It will take time, but the stakes are huge!

This is why we have invested more than 3 million Euros to spread this technique to as many people as possible.

Day after day, more and more people are converting to our approach. Whether at the level of the public or health professionals (doctors, physiotherapists, osteos), many of whom use this technique. This approach is clearly a revolution that can finally allow millions of people to get rid of their overweight problems. "

Simon has recorded an unprecedented video, which has already been around the internet and has been viewed more than 2 million times in 3 months.