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What are the basic characteristics of online payment

global payment gateways

Compared with the "three tickets and one card" method commonly used in traditional payment and settlement, online payment has the following characteristics.

(1) Online payment uses advanced technology to complete information transmission through digital circulation, and various payment methods are digital payments; while traditional payment methods complete payment through the circulation of physical entities such as cash, bills, and bank exchange.

(2) The environment for online payment is based on such a country's open system management platform (ie, the Internet); while traditional corporate payment methods operate in a relatively closed system.

(3) Online payment uses the most advanced global payment gateways communication means, such as the Internet, while traditional payment uses traditional communication media. Online payment has higher requirements on software and hardware facilities, generally requiring networked computers, related software and other supporting facilities; while traditional payment requirements are not too high.

(4) Online payment is convenient, efficient and economical. As long as the user has a computer with Internet access, he can stay at home and complete the entire payment process in a very short time. The payment cost is only tens or even a few percent of the traditional payment.

(5) At present, there are still some problems to be solved in online payment, mainly security problems. Issues related to the security of funds such as preventing hacking, insider crime and password leakage.

【related information】

online payment type

The business data types of e-commerce payment are mainly divided into online payment, telephone payment, mobile Internet payment, point-of-sale terminal market transaction, ATM transaction and electronic payment in other countries according to the initiation method of electronic payment instruction.

1. Online payment

Online payment is a form of electronic payment. In a broad sense, online payment is based on the Internet, using banks to support digital financial tools, financial exchanges between buyers and sellers, and online currency payments from buyers to financial institutions and merchants, cash flow, capital clearing, and inquiry. Statistics, and other processes, e-commerce services and other services provide financial support.

2. Pay by phone

Telephone payment is an offline form of electronic payment, which refers to the use of a telephone (landline, mobile, PHS) or other similar telephone terminal equipment by consumers. Payments can be made through the banking system directly from an individual's bank account.

3. Mobile payment

Mobile payment is a new type of payment method that uses mobile devices to complete payment behaviors wirelessly. The mobile terminal used for mobile payment can be a mobile phone, a pda, a mobile pc, and the like.