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How can I solve the problem of home carpet cleaning quickly and effectively?

 vacuum cleaner

How do you clean a carpet?

The first step.

For daily cleaning, use a vacuum cleaner. The pile of the carpet is easily vacuum cleaner for carpet and sofaaccumulated dust, especially the wool carpet with a long pile; a vacuum cleaner is a useful tool for dealing with the dust hidden in the carpet.

For the first step of dust removal, use an upright vacuum cleaner to cleanKenzo Kidswear the carpet over a large area; then, use a handheld vacuum cleaner for places where dust falls especially heavily, such as under the coffee table, corners, along the edge of the bed, carpet side for meticulous treatment, secondary cleaning to be thorough.

Cleaning the carpet with a vacuum cleaner must be done on a regular and consistent basis. If you do not clean the dust for an extended period of time, the carpet's surface will become discolored and deteriorated, and it will be too late to clean it once mold appears.

The second step.

Local cleaning comes next. When coffee, cola, or juice, or other drinks aregreen test accidentally spilled on the carpet, this small area of stains should be treated first with a dry cloth or tissues to absorb the moisture, and then wet a dry cloth with vinegar and gently patted on the stain. The stain on the carpet will be wiped away if you pat it a few more times.

The third step.

Get rid of the odor. If you have pets, you are aware that they will have an odor after playing on the carpet. Pour four cups of vinegar into four liters of warm water, wet and wring out a towel, wipe the carpet from end to end, and then leave it to dry naturally in a ventilated area. This method not only removes odors caused by pets and carpets after prolonged use, but it also prevents carpet fading and discoloration.