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Baby seats, fences, pacifiers, you choose the right one?

Baby seats, fences, pacifiers, you choose the right one?

I think many mothers and fathers have this kind of doubt, in the process of selecting and applying baby seats, fences, soothers and other baby equipment often feel overwhelmed, not sure how the object is suitable for the baby, but also do not know what to pay attention to in the process of adoption? There is a wide range of objects on the sales market, often blinding! In fact, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has also established norms to ensure that children and adolescents or baby products play a full role in the level of effectiveness, we sort out some corresponding reference norms to help you choose the best appliances for your baby, and at the same time specifically guide you to apply them properly! Let's take a look!

1, about the high chair

Full 6 months of the baby will need to complementary food added, in the case of baby eating baby complementary food we will generally buy a high chair for the baby, and for the baby to sit in the high chair, the front will appear partitioned around, and have a footrest bottom plate and feeding drag tray.

Application of high chairs, falling is the most obvious damage,Combi High Chair in order to avoid the baby from falling from the high chair, the purchase and application of the process must pay attention to the following aspects.

1, in the case of selecting a high chair, select a high chair that does not have to be too high and has a spacious base, such as some people accidentally touch the stool, it is not easy to flip to. The high chair in the picture is more suitable!

2, try to reduce the selection of folding high chairs, if there are some baby mothers and fathers to consider storage and finishing more convenient to choose a folding high chair, then in every case of adoption must ensure that all the locking equipment is all stable.

3, when the baby sits on the high chair, be sure to tie the baby's shoulders, waist, crotch safety belt.

4, baby sitting in the high chair, pay attention to avoid hazardous materials, and do not have to let the baby sit in the high chair alone to play.

2, about the baby home with a safety seat

About the baby seat, about the baby seat is not the baby baby car seat, so the applicable is not exactly the same requirements. The baby seat should have a logo indicating that it meets the testing standards. Therefore, in the case of selection, check the net weight guidelines brought by the manufacturer with care, and when the child exceeds the net weight, there is no need to adopt it again.

For safety guidelines on application, refer to the following.

1、No need to leave the child unattended in the baby seat.

2、No need to replace the baby car seat with a family seat. The baby seat is only used to support the baby so that he can look around and eat.

3, the application of the safety seat must be tied in the case of insurance straps.

4, select as much as possible to select the baby seat containing the outside structure, to ensure that the child is not easy to fall, and at the same time to ensure that the base of the seat is very wide, so it is not easy to turn over.

5, try to reduce the selection of the bottom end of the baby seat is the raw material of the runaway. If you have ordered the stroller is runaway raw materials can cut two very thin plastic sticky bottom end, so when the baby seat into a clean area, will not roll.

3, about the baby fence

Baby fence is usually the baby mommy and daddy feel is very safe area. Every time mom and dad is not convenient to take care of children, they will choose to put the baby in it. However, baby fences have risks, in order to prevent small security accidents, we should pay attention to the following aspects.

1, do not have to let the grid map fence in a loose situation, if the baby into a relatively loose grid map generated by the gap, will be trapped inside and cause room rest.

2, do not tie small toys on the baby fence or the top of the fence, the fence proposed not to put all the objects, baby play is easy to be entangled in causing negative injuries.

3, gradually teething baby often bite the set of rubber or plastic covered in the top of the guardrail, so you should check the perimeter of the fence is not a small hole, defective, if the hole is very small, you can apply a particularly strong cloth repair, if it is a large-scale destruction, it is likely to have to change a fence again.

4, it is not recommended to buy folded fence-like baby fence, because the prismatic opening or "V" shaped frame is very easy to jam the top of the baby's head, so choose to buy a fence folded fence must be prevented.

4, about pacifier

The first thing to focus on with regard to soothers is that they do not easily damage the baby, and at the same time reduce the risk of sudden death syndrome in his sleep at night. However, in order to better maximize the safety of your baby, you should pay attention to the following aspects when applying a soother to your baby.

1, do not have to be the top of the glass bottle and its bottle nipple as a soother to apply, even if you speak 2 stick together, in the case of baby sucking, it is likely to be ripped out of the ring and choke the child.

2, the purchase of that time to buy that type of soother that is not easy to crush. At the same time, the diameter of the ring protector between the bottle teat and the ring should be at least 4cm, so that the baby will not easily eat all the soother into the mouth, in addition, the protector should be made of strong plastic, there should be ventilation holes on the top.

3, never tie the pacifier to the baby's bed or neck, arm, baby play is very easy to coil and cause room rest, so the mother should always pay attention.

4, the pacifier along with the application will gradually age and destroy. You should always check to see if the plastic is discolored or cracked, if it has long been discolored or cracked, you must change it again.

5, follow the pacifier manual, as older children often stuff the bottle pacifier all the way into their mouths, leading to room breaks.