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Do you take fish oil DHA or algae oil DHA? Which one is better for expectant mothers and babies?

Do you take fish oil DHA or algae oil DHA? Which one is better for expectant mothers and babies?

As we all know, during pregnancy and early growth of infants, DHA is crucial for the baby's neurological development and brain maturation, and has a profound impact on the child's behavior, memory, cognition, psychology and learning ability. However, there are differences between DHA and DHA. When you choose DHA for your baby, you will encounter the difficulty of choosing whether to choose fish oil DHA or algae oil DHA, and then which brand to choose.

The biggest difference between algae oil DHA and fish oil DHA-source

Fish oil DHA comes from deep-sea fish. Fish feed on seaweed containing DHA, and big fish eat small fish, so fish will contain rich DHA.

Algae oil DHA, its source is pure plant microalgae,dha algal oil powder it exists naturally, is not transmitted through the food chain, and is a pure and safe source of DHA.

Babies are more suitable for algae oil DHA-safety

In recent years, marine mercury pollution has been serious. DHA is easily oxidized and becomes fishy after fish die. The fish oil DHA extracted from fish bodies is not only low in content, but also has a high content of EPA in fish oil.

DHA extracted from seaweed is very environmentally friendly, will not damage marine resources and earth resources, eliminates the risk of environmental pollution, DHA is of high purity, and the EPA content is extremely low.

Babies are more suitable to choose algae oil DHA-taste

Babies have higher requirements for food than adults. Fish oil products and the fishy smell of fish oil DHA can easily make babies repel them and cannot be easily swallowed.

Algae oil DHA is extracted from pure natural seaweed. It is a plant-based DHA with an advanced antioxidant formula. It tastes natural and has no fishy smell. It is easier to be absorbed by the human body and is not easy to allergic.

Babies are more suitable to choose algae oil DHA-effect

Fish oil is animal fat. Animal fat basically contains cholesterol. Too much cholesterol will increase the viscosity of the baby's blood. And the EPA in fish oil has the function of softening blood vessels, which will weaken the blood vessel walls of infants and young children, and easily lead to hemolytic disease. Excessive EPA may cause the risk of heavy bleeding during childbirth for pregnant women. Therefore, most of them choose fish oil DHA for the elderly at home.

Algae oil is directly extracted from algae plants. Plants do not contain cholesterol, which effectively avoids the introduction of various heavy metals and organic matter from the ocean. The EPA content is extremely low (Pure Bio uses imported algae oil DHA that does not contain EPA, which is better absorbed). It can promote the baby's brain and vision development and make the baby twice as smart.

How to choose a reliable algae oil DHA?

There is a risk of genetic modification in the extraction process of algae oil DHA, which requires professional production technology and strict control by scientific researchers. Once there is residue in the extraction process, it is very easy to affect the energy metabolism of the human central nervous system. Therefore, when choosing, you should choose a big brand, high quality, and reliable product. Pure Bio's algae oil DHA uses the national algae species Schizochytrium as raw material. Through multiple production patented processes such as fermentation, separation, and purification, the entire production process is strictly controlled to ensure that the algae is clean, environmentally friendly, and unpolluted, and produce safe, efficient, and high-quality algae oil DHA.