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When you overeat, exercise is the golden rule. Strength training for visceral fat loss


To stay healthy and work powerfully forever, you need to have a balanced life of proper exercise, diet, and rest. So, let's introduce the health techniques that do not go a long way and produce results to Shuichi Nakano, a well-known physical trainer. This time, about how to drop visceral fat by exercise.

Visceral fat that can cause many diseases

Recently, "visceral fat" has become a hot topic in TV health information programs and magazines. Even if it is called visceral fat, rather than fat, adheres directly to the internal organs, it is around the stomach and intestines and acts to fix the organs. It accumulates in the foldy cemetery (chokannwer), and as this increases, the tummy comes out with pokkori.

During the hot summer months, a Chinese man pulled up a T-shirt and made his stomach feel upset, and the "Beijing Bikini" became a hot topic on the Internet. The man's tummy projected in the news was the one that the visceral fat stuck in front of it. Of course, there are a lot of people who go out in the middle-aged and elderly of the Japanese as well.

The visceral fat, when the energy ingested from the diet is left over, is a role of temporarily accumulated. However, if it increases too much, it may cause diabetes and hyperlipidemia, and arteriosclerosis may advance. This is a metabolic syndrome, so-called metabolic syndrome, and is called "visceral fat syndrome" in Japanese.

Physical trainer James Shuichi Nakano says, "It is men who are prone to visceral fat-type obesity. In the case of women, the action of female hormones often accumulates excess energy as subcutaneous fat, and there is a tendency to become prone to subcutaneous fat type obesity."

As both men and women get older, their basal metabolism decreases. In addition, the chance to exercise decreases, and the movement of the body decreases in the activity of daily life. In other words, since the energy consumption is reduced, it leads to an increase in the overall body fat, including visceral fat.

"Even women must be careful because visceral fat tends to stick when the secretion of female hormones decreases due to aging."

In his book "The First Book Women Read When A Doctor Tells You to Exercise," Nakano explains how women can reduce subcutaneous fat by exercising. So how do we reduce visceral fat?

The first step is to review the meal.

"Actually, visceral fat is easier to drop than subcutaneous fat. As a physical trainer, I want you to remove visceral fat by moving your body, but if you are living a diet with excessive intake energy, such as visceral fat is easy to attach in the first place, it may not catch up with it. So the first thing I want you to do is review your diet."

Even if it is said that it is necessary to reduce the amount to eat extremely, even if it is said that the meal is reviewed. "If you start a tight diet suddenly, it won't last long, will it? Instead, you just have to eat a normal meal."

For example, a cup of rice, main dishes such as fish and meat, as well as vegetable side dishes and soups, are recommended for traditional Japanese food. All you have to do is eat three meals a day for such a balanced meal.

"It's a problem because you eat a bowl of rice or a set of ramen and fried rice. I think that it only has to reduce this to "three grains" etc. because it becomes fat because it eats one box of chocolate. Even if you drink alcohol, if you drink about a glass of wine or beer, the visceral fat will not increase immediately."

Add exercise only when you eat too much

Alcohol and snacking are easy to continue if you think it's OK if you keep moderation. Moreover, Nakano says that it is ok to remove the feather occasionally.

"There are times when you want to eat ramen and fried rice as a set. There are times when you want to eat cake or drink a lot at a drinking party. That's when it comes to exercise."

According to Nakano, if you eat too much or drink too much, it is important to earn energy consumption by exercising even the next day. Further, after the meal, within an hour from 30 minutes, if you perform the "exercise to lower the blood glucose level" introduced in the previous article, it is possible to use excess sugar in exercise, it is possible to prevent fat accumulation as a result.

"Reviewing your diet and exercising when you eat too much is the first step in removing visceral fat. In this step, if you can feel that your stomach is depressed, you will be motivated. Then, in the second step, let's take the exercise in earnest."

10-15 minutes of muscle training daily

When it comes to exercise to remove fat, many people think of aerobic exercise such as jogging and walking. However, Nakano says that the recommendation in this second step is to do muscle training of 10 to 15 minutes every day.

If you want to burn fat with aerobic exercise, you will need time such as 30 minutes to 1 hour. On the other hand, if muscle training, it can consume enough energy even in 10 to 15 minutes, also can be expected to increase the muscle mass.

"I want people who are not used to exercise and have less muscle mass to do muscle training. The more muscle mass increases, the more basal metabolism increases, and the more likely it is to consume energy from day to day, the more likely it is to consume energy. Especially if you concentrate on large muscles, and you'll be more efficient when you do muscle training in your lower body."

In order to increase muscle mass, two or three times a week, it is also said that it is good to do muscle training. However, Nakano argues that it is better to make muscle training of 10 to 15 minutes a day in order to remove visceral fat.

"There is also the idea that you have to leave 72 hours of muscle training, but that's when you're training to push yourself to the limit under a high load. If the goal is to reduce visceral fat, the more people who are not used to exercising, the greater the benefit of getting into the habit of doing muscle training every day for a short period of time."

In addition, by performing short-term muscle training every day, it is said that the effect of preventing diseases of the joint, such as the knee, can also be expected.

"It has been found that the prevention of osteoarthritis is carried out on a daily basis by performing exercises that bend and stretch joints such as knees through muscle training. When the joints start to hurt, it becomes a lot of movement, and visceral fat accumulates, so it is significant to practice short-term muscle training habitually and prevent it."

Some data show that Japan spends a long time sitting in a day among developed countries. Sitting too much can lead to visceral fat-type obesity and osteoarthritis of the knee. By performing short-term muscle training every day, let's reduce visceral fat, prevent joint diseases, and reduce the risk of future locomotive syndrome (motor syndrome).