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'Investigator on the keyboard' Baek Gun-woo sings Chopin's inside


'Baek Gun Woo and Yasang ' and 'Baek Gun Woo and Chopin' performed at the Seoul Arts Center o

come back in two recitals in December is coming pianist Kun-Woo Paik called "key investigator of the above."

Performance agency Vinhroannounced on the 28th that 'BaekGun Woo and Yasang ' and 'Baek Gun Woo and Chopin' recitals will be held at the Seoul Arts Center Concert Hall on the 7th and 11th, respectively.

Baek Gun-woo, who focused on studying new perspectives and interpretations of Chopin's music after Schubert in 2013,introduced the entire Nocturne songearlier this year.

Composer Chopin, also known as the piano poet, was faithful to expressing the emotions he felt from the traditional musical form. In particular, the nocturne is more prominent in his poetic sensibility.

Baek Gun-woo said, "The prop that confesses the inner appearance of Chopin is a nocturnal song, and the works that contain his innermost sensitivity and essence are Chopin's props."

The many feelings of Chopin's feelings add to the echo of the years that Baek Gun-woo, who has been on the path of pianism for 63 years, adds to the sound of time.

In 'Baek Gun Woo and Yasang', he will show the audience a night song, Chopin's night story, with a warm and graceful touch.

In 1972, `` Young Baek Gun-woo, '' who announced the beginning of America's activities with all the label piano solos, faces the audience through Chopin in 2019.

"I want the audience to listen to Chopin as if they are listening to the music for the first time or looking for hidden treasures," he said.

In the `` Baek Gun Woo and Chopin '' recital, they will present the audience with special performances such as Chopin Nocturnal, Improv No. 2, Fantasy Polonaise, Waltz No. 1, No. 4 and No. 11.

Meanwhile, according to Universal Music Korea, Baek Gun Woo earned gold certification by selling more than 5,000 copies of his album 'Chopin: Nocturne' released in six years.

Among the classical music sales in the year of the Universal Sumi to raise the gold sales over cases including the Nocturne album of Kun-Woo Paik 'Mother ( ; Mother ) ", only 3 in Forres, including Tala Miss teak.