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There are so many different types of mops; did you really pick the right one? Choose the "right" mop to cut cleaning time in hal

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When cleaning the house, the "mop" is carefully chosen so that it does not cause a strain on the hands, and mopping the floor does not tire easily. What kind of mop should I use at home? As a starting point, consider absorbent power, lightweight, electric mop cordless electric spin mopcleanable area, and other factors. Furthermore, indoor and outdoor mops are best classified, and different mops should be used in grease-prone kitchens and common rooms. Here are a few common mops to analyze and look down on!

1. cotton cotton mop

Features: sponge mop head material for strong water absorption and good rinse.

Advantages: You can quickly mop up ground moisture, and the mop is easy to clean; simply rinse it under the faucet.

Disadvantages: When mopping the floor, a rubber sponge with little water provides insufficient force and cannot reach under furniture to clean crevices.

Application: suitable for quickly drying damp ground, not suitable for furniture or living room dead corners.

Tip: If the rubber cotton mop is exposed to excessive sunlight, the rubber sponge can become brittle due to cracks, so after cleaning, place it in the ventilation to dry.

2.a dusting paper mop

Features include the use of friction to generate static electricity to adsorb hair, best electric steam mopthe ability to clean directly after using a new non-woven cloth, and the elimination of the need for cleaning.

Advantages: good adsorption of dust in dry ground, and mop head can be adjusted at will, cleaning does not leave a dead corner.

Disadvantages include the inability to remove non-lint solid dirt and the need to replace the non-woven cloth when in use.

Suitable for large dry ground, wood floor, and high wall dust removal.

3.Electrostatic swab

Features include a wide mop head, the use of fiber friction to generate static electricity to lift dirt, strong water absorption, and the ability to use wet and dry.

Advantages: a large area can be dragged to save time and effort; it is recommended to purchase two pieces at a time, one for wet and one for dry conditions.

Disadvantages: Because the surface area of the mop cloth is large, cleaning and drying electric mop vs steam moprequire more effort and time.

Appropriate for large areas of wood floors, quartz tiles, or large indoor courts.

When cleaning, the mop head clip can be stored and used to replace the cleaning mop cloth.

4.Mop with two sides

The use of up and down the way to flip directly to change the surface cleaning, cloth surface slope convenient cleaning dead ends are some of the features.

The cloth can be removed and washed, the mop head can be turned, and double-sided alternating use can reduce the number of times the mop needs to be cleaned.

Disadvantages: long-term lint dust adsorption by cloth fiber, easy to become dirty and difficult to clean.

Application: suitable for cleaning wood floors and veneer floors.

When using, the mop head can be pressed all the way down to clean the gap under the table and chairs, as well as other areas close to the ground.

5.th, a flat mop

Features: the mop head can be rotated 360 degrees, the cloth surface with the devil felt sticky, and the wash can be torn off.

Advantages: and ground contact can be very close to bringing up lint dirt.

When cleaning the cloth, it is difficult to wring out the mop.

Application: ideal for cleaning cabinets, furniture, corners, ceilings, and other hard-to-reach areas.

6.Spinning mop

Features: When using the spin mop dry method, you can avoid getting water on your hands.

Advantages include the fact that the cleaning mop will not get dirty and that it can replace multiple mop discs to clean different areas.

Disadvantages: Improper use may cause damage that takes time to repair.

Suitable for cleaning floors, ceilings, high walls, under chairs, and so on.

Tip: In addition to mopping the floor, use the mop plate sideways to clean the gaps between cabinets.

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