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What kind of sheet metal is used for ductwork?

What kind of sheet metal is used for ductwork?

Galvanized mild steel silicone molding company

Galvanized mild steel with a rust-resistant zinc coating is widely used for ductwork fabrication and custom ducting. It is easily cut, formed, and fabricated into various shapes for industrial, commercial, and residential applications and provides sufficient protection against air loss, helping lower energy bills.

Is sheet metal used in HVAC?

sheet metal ductwork fabrication

Typically, there are two types of metal sheet used in HVAC ductwork: galvanized mild steel and aluminum.

How are air ducts manufactured?

sheet metal ductwork fabrication

Traditionally, air ductwork is made of sheet metal which was installed first and then lagged with insulation. Today, a sheet metal fabrication shop would commonly fabricate the galvanized steel duct and insulate with duct wrap prior to installation.

Can I make my own ductwork?

And to save you from wondering and thinking more and more, ductwork can be possibly done on your own, but it is highly advisable to seek professional HVAC work for your Duct Installation. Ductwork runs throughout the whole house, which makes DIY repairs harder than you thought.

What is sheet metal fabrication?

Sheet metal fabrication refers to multiple processes that alter a metal sheet's original shape to produce desired parts and products. The manufacturing steps are procedural and must incorporate the right processes to give out a desired final product.

What are the four materials used to build a duct system?

Below are the four different types of materials used when making ductwork:

Sheet metal. Sheet metal is the most common type out of the four ductwork materials. ...

Fiberboard. Fiberboard is made of fiberglass strands that have been bound by resin. ...

Fiberglass. ...

Flexible ducts.

What is HVAC sheet metal made of?

Most of the HVAC systems installed by contractors nowadays, including the other parts and ductworks, are commonly made from either sheet metal ductwork fabrication aluminum or galvanized steel.

Why is ductwork galvanized?

Galvanized mild steel is used most often for building ducts. This material's zinc coating helps prevent corrosion and rust buildup.

Is sheet metal for ductwork galvanized?

Manufacturers construct sheet metal out of a few different types of material. Galvanized is the most common one we hear of because it's used in the forming of HVAC ductwork systems. You'll also hear of iron, stainless steel, or laminated steel.

What is HVAC ductwork called?

What's An Air Duct? Check this out – Air ducts, or HVAC ductwork, or AC ducts, are conduits that supply warm or cool air to heat, ventilate, and cool each room.

What type of metal is HVAC?

Sheet Metal Air Ducts

By far the most common type of rigid air duct material found in today's homes is sheet metal, which typically refers to either galvanized steel or aluminum metal.

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What is manufacturing of ductwork?

The main material used in HVAC fabrication is sheet metal, which skilled craftsmen cut to the proper size. The majority of ducts are constructed from galvanized steel, which has been coated with zinc to stop rust from developing.

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