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The world intellectual property organization, the world intellectual property organization

The world intellectual property organization, the world intellectual property organization

This video is about WIPO,the World IntellectualProperty Organization.(dramatic music)WIPO was created in 1967to encourage creative activityand to promote the protectionof intellectual propertythroughout the world.Most countries in the worldare party to one of the 26 treatiesthat WIPO is administering.I want to briefly introducethree of these treaties.The PCT, the Patent Cooperation Treatyis signed by 148 countriesthroughout the worldand allows to file onesingle patent applicationthat is a valid patent applicationin all member countries.This application does notlead to a granted patentbut must be convertedto a patent applicationwithin 30 months fromthe first priority dateor in some regions andcountries within 31 months,for example, with the European Unionand the European Patent Office.

So, basically this patent applicationis buying time to make thedecision in which countriespatent protection is needed.The Madrid System allows applicantsfrom 97 members of this treatylike the US, like the EU,like China, South Korea,and Japan to file onesingle trademark applicationto get protection in all these countries.First, you need to filea basic registrationin your home country like the USor like India or like Chinaand then on the basis of thisso-called basic registration,you can file for theinternational registrationadministered by this Madrid Systemand then you an get trademark protectionin all these countries.So, first you have to filea basic trademark registrationin your home countryand then you can filefor the so-called internationalregistration administeredby this Madrid Systemto get trademark protectionin any of these countries.

So, with just two trademark applications,namely the trademarkapplication in your home countryand the international registration,you can get trademark protectionin many countries in the world.The Hague Agreement allows membersof 65 countries and regionsto file one single design applicationand get design protectionin all 65 member countries and regions.Members are, for example, the EU, the US,China, Japan and many other countries.

You can protect up to 100 designswith just one single design application.In addition to administeringthese international treaties,WIPO also tries to helpdeveloping countriesto establish intellectualproperty protectionin their respective countryand WIPO is also workingon the harmonizationof the intellectualproperty laws world wide.WIPO also has a very cool cartoon serieswith Pororo the little penguinteaching kids the basic principlesof intellectual property.Pororo is a very popular cartooncharacter in South Korea.One example is theirwidely successful video,Pororo and His FriendsInvent a Jet Engine Sledwhere Pororo becomes an inventorand the video has attractedmore than four million views.I hope you have enjoyedthis brief overviewof WIPO, the World IntellectualProperty Organizationand if you like this video,subscribe to my channel.Leave your questions andcomments below this videoand most importantly, reap your ideas.

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