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How to deal with vaginal dryness in women


The Vaginal dryness(陰道乾) is a very important part. If you don't pay attention to environmental protection, you can easily cause various diseases, such as vaginal dryness. Long-term vaginal dryness will affect the social life experience. If there is no such kind of disease, women will feel pain in their lives during the intercourse process, and the pain is deeper. If the work is not effectively protected in time, the problem will be enlarged through continuous improvement. So what to do with vaginal dryness? Don't worry, if you are having this problem, take a moment to take a closer look.

What to do with vaginal dryness

1. Actively treat the primary disease

Some women do not experience vaginal dryness because they are sick. For example, after suffering from vaginitis, cervicitis and other related inflammations, it is easy to manage vaginal dryness. Therefore, when you find that the vaginal dryness problem needs to last for a long time, you can't just wash the vagina with liquid medicine, but should solve it in time and seek medical treatment. If the primary disease is not treated in a timely and effective way, the vaginal dryness will be affected. Only by prescribing the right medicine can the effect be really good, otherwise it will be useless.

Two, relax

When women are too nervous under the influence of social pressure, the body fluid secreted by the vagina will be reduced, thereby improving the internal management of the vagina to become more and more dry. Thus entering a vicious circle process, resulting in more serious dryness. So, relax more on weekdays, and don’t get too tight. Especially when you are in the same room, don't rush to the subject in a hurry. You may wish to have more preludes to effectively promote vaginal fluid secretion and at the same time continue to promote the relationship between the two countries. It can be said that this is a good thing with two birds with one stone.

Third, don't over clean the vagina

Some women usually like to clean themselves too much, and when there is no systemic disease, they also like to wash the vagina with nursing solution. I feel that it is particularly dirty through the vagina, and more washing is good for health. But in fact, this is not right, because the vagina has its own clean production capacity, which can balance the flora inside the vaginal tissue. If you can't use the cleaning work indiscriminately, it will disrupt the balance of the flora and cause dryness in the patient's vaginal environment. Therefore, in daily study and life, women should be lazy. Do not wash the vagina deliberately. Simply wash the vulva.