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5G is coming, which company has more development advantages, LoRa or NB-IOT?

 5g and nb iot

Focus on new infrastructure construction, large-scale construction 5g and nb iotof 5G base stations, 5G is expected to be mass commercialized by the end of this year. Which of LoRa or NB-IOT is better at 5G speeds and large connections?

Actually, it's much bigger than we thought. It is the world's first prominent cellular Internet of Things (iot) communication technology standard, and the first mobile communications group designed specifically for access to iot technology standards.

Before NB, IoT was WLAN IoT, a short-range communication technology. Now IoT plus LPWAN is a wide area network communication technology. At present, LPWAN is mainly divided into two categories:LoRa technology which works in license-free spectrum; NB-IoT which operates in licensed spectrum.

LoRa module compared to China's traditional narrowband modulation information technology, LoRa module uses spread spectrum modulation technology, which has a very obvious advantage in the development of performance research in suppressing co-channel interference, solving the problem that the traditional teaching design work scheme can not achieve at the same time can take into account the distance, immunity and power consumption.

NB-IoT core for low-end IoT terminals (low-power stream), suitable for a wide range of deployments in smart homes, smart cities, smart production and other areas. It has great advantages in remote, low-rate, low-power and multi-terminal IoT applications.

From the technical point of view, compared with the high cost and high energy consumption nb-iot solutions, users can complete the deployment of Lora network without relying on operators, which is not only faster but also lower cost and very widely used.

NB-IOT has a first-mover advantage in China and is more favored by operators from the management level. So whether LoRa and NB-IOT can have the last laugh or not is yet to be tested by the market.

NB and LoRa are after all a small part of the IoT communication system module, a large number of other application research scenarios with conventional IoT cards, enterprises can buy IoT cards in consideration of market prices to reduce costs at the same time must be through the choice of a reliable management work platform. Shanghai sea things for information technology is the core agent of the operator, has its own first-hand stable card source, thirteen years of stable social services. At the same time students independently developed SIMSKY cloud management problem platform to achieve online education management of IOT card, while reforming the open API to help enterprises internally integrated into their own platform, better management control equipment.