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Smart technologies in cars are becoming more and more abundant. What do you think is practical?

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With the development of modern science and technology, cars are becoming more and more intelligent, and many car manufacturing companies are using intelligence as a selling point and have introduced many smart black technologies, such as fingerprint unlocking, multi-function steering wheel, automatic parking, etc. When you buy a car, the salesperson will recommend them to you one after another. It sounds really high, and even many of the features require extra money. If you want to add money, you should add money. Anyway smart module, with all the money the car cost, do you care about tens of millions of dollars?

But if you just pursue the integrity of the configuration, and ignore the practicality of the configuration, it is likely that some features until the day you go to sell the car, it is likely that you have not really used a few times, think about it is really a loss ah. So many black technology, whether it is really practical, or pure chicken ribs?

The first standard is the 360 ° panoramic HD image, right, if a decade ago can be equipped with a fist large screen can navigate, it is simply invincible Versailles. The focus of this thing there are thousands of dollars available, not regularly have to go to 4S to update. Today's cars really do too thoughtful, not only to intelligently identify parking spaces, but also to plan the reversing route, high-definition cameras, you can also see clearly at night.

Many drivers equip themselves with a lane departure warning system, a feature that people have mixed feelings about. This feature plays a big role in alerting the road conditions ahead and whether vehicles on both sides are left at a safe distance, but drivers who do not like to use it feel too disturbed. As in reality, if there is no lane change, such as tire pressure line may also cause the system alarm, frequent alarms tend to disturb the driver's mind, once the mind is clear, it is easy to occur safety accidents.

Automatic parking sounds too exciting, especially for novice drivers and some female drivers. Narrow parking space parked on the curb, reverse into the garage. The technology is not very good. Sometimes parking takes a long time to stumble. If you park slowly, the car behind you will keep honking the horn to rush, which is really a bit annoying. With automatic parking assistance, don't smell too good.

With automatic parking of course, there is also intelligent summoning, intelligent summoning is divided into two kinds, one is to summon the car to the owner's place, and the other is to summon the car to a designated place. The operation of this series of course has requirements, it is a range limit, people and cars certainly can not be too far away, in this range you can summon it, or relatively chicken.

There is also what multi-function steering wheel; seat heating; car GPS positioning; automotive IoT technology; roof recovery (one key sports car switch); fingerprint unlocking; automatic braking; artificial intelligence assistant, etc.. , the car is really getting more and more intelligent, the future to achieve a true driverless is just around the corner. No matter what kind of black technology, if we can really feel practical, money is not spent in vain, that is good black technology.