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Don't be a programmer


I get a lot of questions aboutprogramming but I don't think they'rethe right questions to ask questionslike how many languages do I need tolearn what language do I need to learnto get to company X what's thedifference between a and B and whichmakes more money what are the exactsteps I need to take to become Z whatkind of program should I write to buildup my resume so why don't I like thesequestions because it feels like thepeople who are asking these questionsthey are learning how to program justfor the sake of learning how to programbut programming is just a tool being aprogrammer for me means you write codeto automate things or to make thingsperform certain actions for exampleprogramming a refrigerator to turn onthe light when you open the door 

Whenyou think about it programming isactually kind of boring you're justgiving a series of instructions to amachine over and over again until youget it right I don't want to speak forall of you but I think if the pay wasn'tgreat I don't think a lot of you wouldspend hours and hours every night infront of your computer trying to learnhow to code or to just debug yourprogram sometimes we get caught uplearning languages or doing codingchallenges or fantasizing about you knowworking for these big tech companiesthat we forget why we wanted to learnprogramming in the first place youwanted to program 

Because you saw theamazing things that can be built usingprogramming so don't just learn how toprogram build something that mattersbuild something that meansbuild something that solves a problemyou're a problem-solver a creator aninnovator you're not a programmerprogramming is just a tool in yourarsenal to build something amazing youcan be analytical creative empatheticand programming allows you to expressthose qualities of yourself butprogramming in of itself is nothingspecial it's like a pencil it can markstuff down if you press on the pen sohard enough that's it but with a pencilyou can write novels draw beautifulportraits build plans 

For a skyscraperor anything eliminated only by yourimaginationyou don't learn how to program to getinto Google you learn how to program tobuild something meaningful somethingthat helps real people with realproblemsI'm partnered with IBM today to talkabout a global initiative called callfor code which calls for developers tobuild something impactful and have apositive change across the world throughtheir code as you know there arehundreds and hundreds of naturaldisasters every year like hurricanesearthquakes floods volcanoes andwildfires those affect numerous livesand causes tremendous damage to manyfamilies around the 

World if you strivefor real impact we desperately need youthis is why 2018 call for code globalchallenge is a competition that askspeople like you to build solutions toimprove what we can do to reducedisruptive impact of these naturaldisasters we need all kinds oftechnologies you like working onblockchains build secure supply networksto help distribute aid to the people inneed you're like AI are NLP make BOTS tohelp real-time communications to themyou're into data science analyze andpredict what the affected populationneeds before they even ask for it everyone of your project will matter and itwill be for an extremely good cause nowof course it is still a competition sothey have a grand prize of $200,000 notonly that the project the greatestpotential impact will be implementedwith the help of IBM the new LinuxFoundation the UN Human Rights and theAmerican Red Crosssorry offers challenge so don't forgetdon't be a programmer be a problemsolvergoing to call for code

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