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Hot news!!!The rumbling of the electric bicycle provides a unique


Rumble motors has created a very uniqueelectric bag aptly named the rumbleebike which is equipped with a 1500 Whave wound motor that is capable ofpropelling its rider from zero to itstop 70 km/h speed in just five secondsthe onboard 60 V rechargeable 

Batteriesare capable of providing a range of upto 50 miles or 80 kilometres and requirethree to four hours to charge from flagto full the wheels on the rumbleelectric bike measure 110/70 are 12 inthe bike dimensions measure 1800 x46 OhX 860 millimeters with the bike weighingin at 105 kilograms or 231 pounds theelectric bike which is now available toback via IndieGoGo with pledges startingfrom just under $3,000 Rumble motorbikesstarted back in 1977 won three brothers

Alex Reza and Hendrik turned theirmotorcycles into cafe racer bikes aunique feature of the rumble electricbike is the ability to turn on or offmotor bike sounds which stay in timewith your acceleration providing anaudible notification that you are ridingalong the street speakers on both sidesof the bike amplify the sound as youride and a simple press of a button onthe side of the electric bike allows youto turn off the sounds if preferred

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