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Hot news!!!O2 New Deal provide free Netflix

Hot news!!!O2 New Deal provide free Netflix

O2 has announced that it isincluding free Netflix two new andupgrading customers on some of its O2refresh tariffs along with free NetflixO2 is also offering extra 4G data aspart of the dealO2 says that customers can claim asix or 12 month Netflix subscription asa gift on eligible 

O2 refresh tabletsdongles as well as s IM only contractsplus there's double data on a number ofcontracts and other tariffs with betweensix months and twelve months of freeNetflix Nina Bibby CMO O2 - said overhalf of adults like the freedom to beable to watch content in when or wherethey want on their tablet or smartphone- and we believe that the best momentsand stories are shared that's why 

We'repartnering with Netflix to bring amazingmovies and shows to our customers andwith double the data we're making iteven easier for customers to watch theirfavorite shows or share moments withfriends and familywe are totally thrilled to ink this newpartnership with o2 said Maria Ferrara'sVP business development amia with hispromotion o to mobile customers will beable to easily access Netflix iscritically acclaimed original contentand enjoy a new way of watchingentertainment

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