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Hot news!!!Fitbit coach used to launch the Xbox


These days we certainly have a lot ofways to workout at home but if you'relooking for another fiblet has launchedits coach Fitness after Microsoft Xboxconsoles so gamers who own the Xboxconsole will be able to use the app toget in some workouts between gamingsessions that should counter all ofthose gaming marathons that have you onthe couch the app will introduce videoworkouts to users and you will be ableto follow guided exercise routines on your TV 

It will also offer tipsmotivation and your routine will evolvebased on the your plan goals andfeedback Fitbit will also introduce newworkouts to help keep things fresh andinteresting for you you can choose fromtwo options the basic option is free andwill give users access to onepersonalized program and also aselection of audio and video workouts aFitbit coach premium subscription willunlock more programs and features andwill be priced at $39.99 a year 

Which ismuch cheaper than paying for a personaltrainer this will help you get healthierthe app is available for the Xbox one 1sand One X but it is also expected toeventually hit Windows PCs to

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