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What to wear to a job interview, the ideas how to D


Hi, I'm Marat from EMMOTION. I've beenworking in Human Resources for fashioncompanies for years and today I wouldlike to show you a few looks that youcould easily put together for a jobinterview. There are many aspects of thejob interview which are very important, however the way you dress is one of thekey elements in the final decision for avast majority of companies.First impressions mean the world!

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It only takes a few seconds for a complete stranger toformulate an opinion of you, positive ornegative, based solely on your appearance.There are a few hard and fast rules!There is no room for experimentation inyour interview wardrobe, unless you knowthe company very well and you are sureabout the final outcome of the interview.Here are the top 3 interview looks formen, depending on the company culture and the dress code within the organization!Suiting up for a formal interview is always a safe option.

A solid navy blueor dark grey suit would be a great idea,with a matching tie, skinny or regular.A wide range of companies would require a business casual look. This wouldinclude a nicely ironed shirt, slim fittrousers (denim or chino pants), a sweater and a cardigan. A blazer would be optional,the same goes for a tie. Manycompanies today would not identifythemselves with a formal look. Thoseinclude: startups, tech companies, etc.You could wear jeans and a shirt, in someoccasions given a t-shirt and a shirt combination.Remember to groom yourselfnicely, even if you are not dressing up!Thank you very much for watching andgood luck with your interview! :)For more ideas, tips and best practices to improve your career and look, subscribe to ourYoutube channel!

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