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Vintage 1940's Beauty Routine for Women - 1948


The best way to clean your skin is stillthe old-fashioned use of soap, hot water and plenty of elbow grease.There 'are' other good aids for cleaning your skin!One of these is cleansing cream.Many girls find it helpful in removing cosmetics.However, nothing can take theplace of your daily bath or shower This is the time to give your skin agood invigorating workout.If there is no visible dirt to wash off, there are body odors to be eliminated.

By cleansing your skin of dried sweat, skin scales and dust. which accumulate constantly.Your bath or shower, should end with a brisk rinsing, to carry away all soapy residue.This is really the best part of the shower.It stimulates the skin and wakes it up all over.Bathing and toilet articles shouldbe kept for your own personal use.Don't share them with others.You wouldn't use another person's toothbrush...So don't use their towel or toilet articles.

And itgoes without saying that only clean lingerie should go next to that cleanskin.While it may not be necessary for all of you Some girls use a lubricating cream or lotion,to prevent skin roughness orchaffing.Expensive creams and powders however aren't necessary.A healthy skincan be kept attractive with only a few simple preparations.The removal of hairs is sometimes aproblem.You can take care of single hairs with tweezers But forleg and underarm hair your best bet is a safety razor.Don't worry that shaving the hair will make it grow back either faster ordenser.That isn't true.But it is true, that chemical hair removers have beenfound harmful to the skin in some cases Nail polish is harmless,but you shouldremove it for short periods in order to prevent cracking of the fingernail The hair needs careful attention like this Like caring for the skin,proper care ofthe hair require some understanding of its structure and function Here's a strand of human hair greatly magnified Notice the rough scaly texture.

You canimagine how dirt hangs on to anything like this.And there's another factorthat causes hair to get dirty.Remember the oil glands that pump their oil outalong hair shafts Well a healthy scalp has plenty of oil to which dirt willcling.So wash your hair frequently if you want to keep this constantaccumulation of dust, oil and sweat at a minimum.Your hair should be washed onceevery two weeks, or more often if necessary, with water and a mild soap.This will usually take care of normal dandruff too.Although excessive dandruffshould be treated by a doctor.Rinse your hair thoroughly following the washing.A few drops of lemon juice or vinegaradded to the water during the secondrinse, will make it much easier to removeany soap residue.The final rinsinghowever, should be in fresh water.If your hair squeaks after the final rinsing,you may be sure it's clean Most girls follow hair washing, by doingtheir hair up in pins or curling rods.best hotel deals hong kong

This is a good time.Since damp hair ismore elastic than dry hair.and you'll find it easier to manage.Permanent waving, if skillfully done,will not damage yourhair the use of strong dies or bleaches, is very likely to make the hairbrittle.Brittle hair in turn is liableto break off in larger quantities thanyou care to lose.For normal daily care your hair should be methodically calmedand brushed.But be careful that brushes and combs are not used. so as to tearyour hair or dig at your scalp.Careful brushing not only gets rid of dust anddirt which may be clinging to the scales but increases the luster of your hair, byspreading out its oils.A small amount of hair always comes out during a brushing.That is normal.Natural hair beauty is possible, if you take care of your hair.And make the most of what nature has given you.By following these simple rules of bodycare and grooming,you too will achieve that quality of appearance.That feeling of well-being,so important to make your dreams of happiness come true.

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