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Futuristic Deep Sleep Cocoon Hoodies Deliver Perfect Sleep Anywhere


The British company Vollebak, known for its love for the development of conceptual clothing, has introduced a new model of designer hoodie. The idea was borrowed ... from wood lice, but this clothes is intended for astronauts. And all those who have trouble sleeping or want to fence themselves off from the outside world.

The model is called Deep Sleep Cocoon and differs from conventional hoodies in the design of the hood. Its lower part rises very high, to the very eyes, resembling a part of a knight's helmet. The upper consists of two halves, a base and an additional one, which slides over the face, completely covering it. The process is reminiscent of how a wood louse is curled into a ball, exposing a segmented armored coating.


The main task of Deep Sleep Cocoon is to isolate the wearer from light, noise and vibration from the outside, so that he can relax and fall asleep. Designers were concerned about the problems of astronauts on the ISS and participants in experiments on simulating flights to Mars, when people are forced to live in tight spaces, which leads to increased sensitivity and difficulty sleeping. On the ISS, for example, there are 16 dawns per day - it is very difficult to sleep without eye masks and sleeping pills.

Civilians can use hoodies for a similar purpose, for example, to wrap themselves with their heads during a flight on an airplane, so that others in appearance already understand that they do not need to be disturbed. But you can wear clothes in normal mode, using a hood to protect from the weather. One problem, conceptual clothing is expensive, from $ 895 per copy.