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Most integrated circuits imported into the Russian Federation are of American origin


Russian enterprises need to significantly increase the production of integrated circuits made according to the technological process no more than 32 nm, which are now imported from other countries. This conclusion was reached by J'son & Partners Consulting specialists based on the results of the study, the results of which are presented in the report “Analysis of the Import Substitution Potential in Microelectronics: Integrated Circuits for the Technological Process of Not More Than 32 nm”.

Today in Russia there are no technologies for the production of electronic components using technology 32 nm or less, so they have to be imported from abroad. According to analysts, 93% of the schemes imported into the country account for products manufactured by American companies in other countries (mainly in Asia), while the percentage of direct deliveries from the USA is only 0.04%.

According to Moscow Technological University, most Russian development centers have the ability to design semiconductor components according to the 180 or 90 nm manufacturing process, but the 45-28 nm manufacturing process is still in the initial stages of development. At the same time, experts say that the need for such circuits in the Russian Federation is relatively small - the share of imports of integrated circuits made using 28 nm technology does not exceed 3%, components 22 and 14 nm are in main demand.

“Thus, the tasks of import substitution should be significantly more ambitious, especially given the continuing rapid progress in the production of integrated circuit technology,” the analysts concluded.